Green Grass of Home

Timo Mullen brings usthis quick clip of his session at home in the UK during May.

Its been a good end to the Spring here in the UK but it looks like summer is about to kill our fun, time to jump on a plane i guess! ~ Timo

Sam Conroy Spring Sessions

Some UK freestyle action at Rye Watersports featuring Sam Conroy, shot back in May 2013.

Video West Kirby Speedsurfing

West Kirby is well known for speed sailing, with GPS records often getting broken and peak speeds hitting over 50 Knots. Here’s a nice video of someof the action captured there on January 3rd 2013.

A Miserable Day at Brog

Thisvideo reminds us, not all windsurfing happens in warm water, and tropical places. A hardened bunch of winter windsurfers at Brogborough Lake braving it before the end on the 2012. Brogborough Lake is in England and is a lake solely dedicated to windsurfing!

Jamie Drummond Winter/Spring 2012

Late winter and spring of 2012 saw Tushingham team rider Jamie Drummond getting in some freezing sessions at home in the UK before travelling to Cape Town and Egypt for some warmer conditions.

Taking 1st place at the Dahab Watersports Festival, Jamie then injured his knee, meaning he had to miss the first PWA event of the year – he’ll be back on top form for Fuerteventura…