Over The Sea

Andraz Zan’s “Over The Sea” is hear featuring Steven Van Broeckhoven. This movie features their trip to Brazil and the freestyle sailing of Steven Van Broeckhoven, who was the 2011 Freestyle World Champion! They discover 3 spots around Sao Miguel de Gostso, meet nice people, enjoy the laid back atmosphere. “It should always be like that… fun sailing and not thinking about competition,” Andraz. Experience everything from the trip and just have fun sailing with your friends! So enjoy this awesome video, and have fun!

They owe a big thanks to Kauli Seadi for all the support on there trip. And if you want to experience the same conditions as Adraz and Steven you can check out Club Kauli Seadi in Sao Miguel de Gostso.

Training Ray with light wind and nice waves

Italian Pro Raimondo Gasperini (I-157) has fun and does some training with light wind and nice waves.

This video shows that even in marginal conditions, windsurfing is fun, and it’s a good workout to increase your sensitivity with light winds! – Raimondo

Hey scored this session near Marina di Palo, Rome, where NalooSurf/XRay Windsurf Center is located. winds where only 14 – 16 knots with 1.5m waves. The gear a 100 liter flare and a 5.7 Severne Blade.

Waiting For The Cove

Andy McKinney of Wind-NC scores a wave session after waiting in North Carolina! “Keith, Brian, and I lucked into an hours worth of fun conditions. Pretty far from epic, but that’s OK- it’s still a heck of a lot of fun to windsurf down there!”

Find more spot info here: wind-nc.com/2010/03/oceanside-guide-the-cove/

Moves – Double Culo by Amado Vrieswijk

Amado Vrieswijk sent us this nice double Culo from Bonaire. Enjoy!


Victor Fernandez in Chile

Victor Fernandez training and having fun in Chile.

Zane Schweitzer: Black Box 2013

Starboard Windsurf Team Rider Zane Schweitzer tests out his brand new 2013 “Black Box” Board! First session on it and he is already busting huge flips and getting caught nervously close to the rocks!

Tropical ParadICE

Italian freestyler Mattia Pedrani has released his latest clip.

This video is different from my previous clips. The action isn’t as fast and it focuses more on the beautiful scenery covered by 15cm of powder. The track is also smoother and communicates the surreal atmosphere I could feel when walkin around the streets and the beach covered in snow, ready to hit the water. As the title suggests, the need to go windsurfing goes beyond petty things like below zero temperatures and whether it’s actually snowing or not. It’s way too easy to be doin tricks in shorts somewhere where the water’s pancake flat.

The struggle represents the ultimate test for your passion and dedication and once you overcome it, it just makes you appreciate everything more.

As you can probably understand from me autoclosing my wetsuit, I was completely by myself and I also had to leave the Ghettocam recording on the beach by itself and try to pull tricks in front of it.

Icing on the cake, there’s a pretty big surprise in it too! 🙂


“BARzerktoune” is a movie about a windsurfing trip made by a group of riders including, Pierre Garambois (Loft sails) & Baptiste Mure (Naish), members off “La BAR” Team, together with Denis Squiratti & Fred Annette (not in the video).   All the scenes were shot in Moulay Bouzerktoune, Morocco, and some surrounding locations.

We went there 2 weeks in september 2012. We caught some nice conditions with wind half of the days, and waves almost every day. The wind is a bit less powerful during that period (between 10 & 20 knots “only”) but the waves are bigger and cleaner. We had some amazing moment with all the locals, and spent good time at Abderazq Labdi’s house, and we’ll definitely come back next year for some more actions and lifestyle!

Scott McKercher Wins Margret River Wave

Margaret River is synonymous with world class wine, wind and waves making it a perfect setting for the WWA’s final event of the 2012-13 season. Despite a last minute forecast predicting light winds and 2m swell, by 1:00pm on Saturday 16th February Margaret River’s Main Break saw the first of four divisions hit the water in what would be a spectacular day of exceptional wave sailing and thrilling finales.

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MauiSails 2013 Titan GS – Ride with Micah Buzianis

Take a ride with Micah Buzianis on the 2013 Titan GS, a Freerace wide sleeve sail with either 2 or 3 cams. More info on MauiSails.com

2013 Quatro LS Quad

Keith Teboul on the 2013 Quatro LS Quad. The LS Quad was developed closely with Levi Siver.

Slow Mo Backloop from Kauli Seadi

Kauli Seadi captures a slow motion backloop somewhere above Sprecks, Maui on his new Hot Sails Maui Firelight

Welcome Back… To The Real Life

It’s hard coming back to cold waters after being somewhere near Tropical. Italian freestyler Matteo Romeo is “back to the real life” in this clip. Matteo filmed this clip at his home spot Abbadia Lariana at Lake Como in Italy after being in Brazil

St. Anne Wave Classic 2013 (French Language)

Wavesailing action from the Guadeloupe Windsurfing Tour. Camille Juban won the 2013 St. Anne Wave Classic, here is the event video.

Flat ´n Gusty

German freestyle sailor Adrian Beholz has sent us his latest clip from Cabo Verde, normally known for its waves. Adrien is seen freestyling here at Sao Pedro, a small village in the south of Sao Vicente, Cabo Verde, which offers daily winds throughout the whole winter. “I first visited the island alone in January and was really happy to come back with some friends during February,” Adrien.