Fanatic Wave Collection 2014 Released

Fanatic introduces the new Fanatic wave collection including the Quad, TriWave and FreeWave. Fanatic shaper Sebastian Wenzel, Klaas Voget, Victor Fernandez and Nik Baker are explaining the differences.

Check out more about the 3 New shapes below, complete with great videos from the Fanatic Team.


Under the lip. Down the line. If you’re a wave-riding purist, the Quad is your Waveboard. Designed to operate at maximum performance close to the curl, the Quad has been tuned up even more. A new scoop rocker line with a reduced concave/double concave bottom shape, plus the wider center with a flatter deck, offers simple stability combined with the snappiest of turns.


The brand new TriWave TE is completely redesigned for 2014, each of the six sizes features a tuned-up shape that begins with an overall wider and more compact outline.

Ride your TriWave as a thruster and enjoy the full performance of a radical Waveboard, or turn it into a single fin, to give you maximum planing power and drive down the line. Versatility is the name of the game with the TriWave.


Fanatic proudly introduces a completely new design for the 2014 FreeWave range in the sizes76, 86, 96, 106, 116. The FreeWave aims to provide ultimate freedom on any wave the ocean can create — for every sailor.

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