AWT Maui Makani Classic 2012 – Crash Compilation

The first event of the 2013 AWT is just under two months away. Here’s a crash compilation they just released from the 2012 Maui Makani Classic. Enjoy the pain!


And the winners of the first PWA Islas Canarias Excellence Awards are…

The first ever PWA Excellence Awards have finally come and after much deliberation from the panel of judges. Action was seen from all over the World with crashes, crazy moves, huge waves and an amazing collection of short videos being submitted by both amateurs and the pros. Al this action one thing is for sure, windsurfing is very much alive and a global sport, from a massive wall of water at Jaws to an inland lake in the middle of nowhere. Keep reading for all the winners.

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Ricardo Campello Night Session

A short video from Ricardo Campello of his Night Session at the 2012 PWA Sylt event back in October. He won the night session and wowed huge crowds that watched on from the beach and on the PWA Live stream. Those doubles, push loops and more are impressive in the day time, but in pitch black, its a whole different game!

Wave Stars in Japan

Japan was recently host to a windsurfing event the “World Performance 2012”, in Decemeber of last year. Francisco Goya, Victor Fernandez Lopez, Daniel Bruch, Graham Ezzy, Camille Juban, and Tyson Poor hit up Omaezak, Japan for the event, here’s the result of the action. The clip also includes local riders Masahiro Motohashi, Takahumi Noguchi, Tomoo Ishihara, Yoshiaki Nagamatsu, and Yuma Kobayashi.

Victor Fernandez Compilation Pozo 2012

Victor Fernandez, with Fanatic International brings us this action packed clip! Watch as Victor Fernandez throws top level moves showing us why he’s Vice World Champion at Pozo Izquierdo, Gran Canaria.

Dany Bruch This was 2012

Some unseen wave footage from Dany Bruch!

Fanatic’s World Champs

Fanatic honor there World Champions from the 2012 PWA season with this special World Champs clip. Gollito Estredo finished 1st in Freestyle and is now the Freestyle World Champ 2012 (and Freestyle World Champ for the 5th time!). Gollito won 3 out of 3 PWA Freestyle events in 2012, a really great performance! Also well done to Laure Treboux, who has the title PWA Freestyle Vice World Champ 2012 and of course Victor Fernandez, who is PWA Wave Vice World Champ 2012!

Pozo Izquierdo 2012 – Jurrien Perdok

Jurrien Perdok trains hard in Pozo during the summer of 2012. Keep an eye out for some big crashes in this clip.

Camocim Wind Slalom 2012 – Slalom

Slalom highlights of the recent Wind Slalom  contest held in Camocim.

Camocim Wind Slalom 2012 – Freestyle

Freestyle highlights of the recent Wind Slalom  contest held in Camocim.

Luderitz Speed Challenge 2012

Here is a nice clip produced by Eric Bellande of the 2012 Luderitz Speed Challenge in Namibia.

The Luderitz Speed Challenge is all done, with so many record Being broken and incredible times posted! Antoine Albeau broke the World Record eight times over the competition’s four weeks period, ending with the fastest time of 52.05 knots, setting the new World record. Albeau was joined in making history by the fastest female of the event, Zara Davis of Britain, who posted a windsurfing world record speed of 45.83 knots (made on Production board).

12 national multi-discipline records were broken during the course of the event, which is incredible when one considers that 13 nations were represented. The records were as follows :

  • SWEDEN: Anders Bringdal: 51.45 kts (95.3 kph) which is also the World Record on Production Board.
  • NETHERLANDS: Jurjen Van Der Noord: 51.26 kts (94.9 kph)
  • SWITZERLAND: Patrick Diethelm : 50.49 kts (93.5 kph) and then Bjorn Dunkerbeck: 51.09 kts (94.6 kph)
  • GREECE: Nick Vardalachos: 50.56 kts (93.6 kph)
  • GERMANY: Christian Bornemann: 46.75 kts (86.5 kph)
  • UNITED KINGDOM: Farrel O’Shea: 48.82 kts (90.4 kph)
  • FEMALE UNITED KINGDOM: Zara Davis: 45.83 kts (84.8 kph)
  • FEMALE TURKISH: Lena Erdil: 45.74 kts (84.7 kph)
  • ITALIAN: Alberto Possati: 44.47 kts (82.3 kph)
  • CROATIAN: Boris Vujasinovic: 44.47 kts (82.3 kph)
  • UKRAINIAN: Alexander Goncharov: 40.95 kts (75.8 kph)

All in all seven riders hailing from five different countries went over  50 knots. These were:

  • FRANCE: ANTOINE ALBEAU (52.05kts) and CEDRIC BORDES (50.23kts)

These unprecedented performances were made possible not only by the incredible skill and athleticism of each contestant but also by their belief in the event and their willingness to give of their experience to improve the sailing conditions. All the windsurfers agree that this year’s results can definitely be improved, and who wouldn’t, when you consider A.Albeau went three knots faster than he did in 2008, in less wind! The riders are presently leaving Namibia with ideas for modifying their gear in order to return for more action in stronger winds in 2013.

TeamFranceWindsurf at Sylt

Team France Windsurf always puts awesome videos together from the PWA events. Check out this one from the Sylt PWA World tour Finals, and the north sea delivered for the final event. The freestylers ran a double elimination in challenging conditions, and the waveriders who enjoyed the nice waves that hit Sylt for this year’s event.


A MacG Productions video presenting Hot Sails Maui teamrider Markus Rydberg, sailing in Swedish waters, fall 2012.

2013 Simmer Brand Movie

Simmer Style and its history date back to the very foundation of hi-performance windsurfing on Maui in the beginning of the 80’s. Today, more than 30 years later, Simmer Style has become one truly complete company, offering everything you need to ride the Simmer Style way anywhere one can find wind. Top performing sail designs for every possible environment, superior masts and booms of the highest quality and performance, a wetsuit line-up that stands toe to toe with anything in the industry, super comfortable harnesses, innovative accessories, and last but not least, their newly launched board brand.