2014 Fanatic Skate released

Fanatic has one huge advantage in the Freestyle market, multiple time freestyle World champion, Gollito Estredo. For 2014, a new tail design with integrated arch support in the tail pad offers the ultimate in comfort and control and eliminates the double-rail shape in the tail.

The Limited Team edition in Innegra Carbon construction remains as a lighter, stiffer and more UV resistant laminate in the TE model’s 85, 93, 101, and 111-liter sizes The Biax Glass version is available in 100 and 110 L models which are slightly longer and forgiving for aimed at freestyle fun for any level.

“If you’ve got an aggressive, competitive style, you need early-planing, low swing-weight shapes and smooth front-to-back flow to blend tricks from air through to sliding phases. The Skate’s rails do this perfectly – with amazing pads and deck shape to cushion the ride.” – Gollito

Fanatic Wave Collection 2014 Released

Fanatic introduces the new Fanatic wave collection including the Quad, TriWave and FreeWave. Fanatic shaper Sebastian Wenzel, Klaas Voget, Victor Fernandez and Nik Baker are explaining the differences.

Check out more about the 3 New shapes below, complete with great videos from the Fanatic Team.
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Simmer Style Teaser

The Simmer Style shoot took place on Maui earlier this year, and there is no doubt the action was insane.  Check out the teaser Simmer put together of the 2014 photo shoot.

The All New JP Magic Ride

The 2014 Magic Ride is a brand new board in JP’s lineup.  The board looks to fit between fits between freeride and the classic shortboard, with a short, wide and thin shape.  Check out this video from the JP photoshoot on Maui with action from Julie Kornum and Andy “Bubble” Chambers.  Shaper Werner Gnigler explains the new shape with Andy Chambers.

This is an all-new, thrilling and exciting concept of extra wide, short and thin freeride boards within the JP line. It features so far unseen early planing with the easiest jibing possible. The main difference to comparable boards from our competition is, that they really give you an electrifying feel which you normally only get from much smaller boards. Their early planing and top speed is also unmatched in their class. – JP Marekting

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2014 MauiSails LocoPro

The 2014 Loco Pro is a 4 batten freestyle sail by MauiSails, and is the signature sail of Bonaire Freestyle Pro Taty Frans.  A brand new design developed for Taty Frans, but carries over some ideas from the popular Mutant with adaptions for the higher aspect ratio of a freestyle sail, to feel super light and responsive in the hands.  Available in sizes from 4.0 to 5.6.

Check out the video as head sail designer Artur Szpunar walks you through the sail with some action from Taty Frans.

Gastra 2014 – Around the Table

Jamie Hancock, Ross Williams, Phil Horrocks, and Alex Mussolini using some of the 2014 Gaastra sails during a winter trip to Cape Town, as part of the Gaastra 2014 photoshoot.

Black Box First Prototype

This is the first footage of the first prototype from Starboard that worked amazingly well for Dany Bruch. It is his “dream board” creation project for light winds and mushy waves, based on existing real surfboards.

After this video some more prototypes were build to have all details worked out in perfection and to be added to the final master board. The “Black Box” is now in production, has been added to the 2014 Starboard board range and will be in the shops by mid 2013.

A clip with production board Nº 00001 and more details will be coming soon.