Ghosts of Speed – Now Available Digitaly

You can watch or download the full movie in HD now, on and for only $13.

Trailer Ghosts of Speed (official)

We’ve been bringing you lots of trailer for the Ghosts of Speed Movie, but here’s the final official trailer with the DVD now available and in time for Christmas!  Ghost of Speed is a modern concept documentary, starring some of the fastest windsurfers in the Netherlands and showing watersports action and the beautiful scenery of The Netherlands.

Speedsurfing can be seen as the Formula 1 of windsurfing. This spectacular high-speed discipline is becoming more and more an important discipline in windsurfing and has developed into an incredible extreme sport.

To grab yourself a copy head to and check the webshop for the DVD.

How to tune a Race Sail for Speed

Ghosts of Speed asked some fast guys how they tune racing sails for speedsurfing.
This clip is a technical extra content for the coming documentary Ghosts of Speed.
You can geta copy of the whole movie here, which is set to come out this December.

GPS world record speedsurfing – Ghosts of Speed

This is a present for the riders, speedsurfing in The Brace the 8th june 2012.  The video has been edited with the footages of the documentary Ghosts of Speed, coming in November 2012.

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