Movember 2012 – Ultimate shaving – Father and Son Video

In this video Guy Cribb will attempt to shave his moustache while windsurfing…

Wipe Out – Slow Motion Forward

Another nice wipe out, from Francisco Casas Garcia in Pozo Izquierdo. Francisco start with a nice stalled forward… than, well just watch the clip!

Gustav Häggström Åsa Sweden. “how to snap a mast”

Swedish rider Gustav of team Filtrate Sweden showing how to snap a windsurf mast. A pretty gnarly wipe out in the waves, fallowed by a rinse cycle resulting in a broken mast.

Windsurfing and the Olympics

I had to steal this awesome pic from Josh Sampieros facebook group post in Appeal against kite surfing in the Olympics put windsurfing back in!  However true it is, I would still like to see windsurfing as an Olympic disciple.  So please head over and sign the petition ISAF: Keep Windsurfing as Olympic Discipline.

Matt Pritchard inspiring the next generation of windsurfers

I remember watching videos of Matt and Kevin when I was younger.  It looks like Matt is inspiring the next generation of windsurfers in a whole new way, check out the video!

You can read more about what the Pritchard brothers are up to at their blog and website

Best windsurf fail ever? by Riders-Match

Best Windsurfing Fail

Ouch!!  The rider smokes the dock after a spock.  Watch it and share!

No Excuses

No water, or all the water still frozen, give this a try. Ultimate couch surfing!