Ricardo Campello – Doubel Air taka Attempt

Ricardo Campello is without a doubt one of the riders pushing the limits of wavesailing. Check out as he attempts a double air taka. He’s set his goal to land one before he leaves Maui, do you think he’ll make it? If he does we believe he’ll be the first rider to complete this move!

Moves – Burner Puñeta – Romain Pinocheau

Check out this burner Puneta from Romain Pinocheau.

Moves – Double Burner by Adrien Bosson

Check out this double bnurner from Adrien Bosson.

Moves – Backloop Eleazar Alonso

A nice backloop from Eleazar Alonso.

Moves – No handed Backie into Submarine Duck

Ben Proffitt brings us a no handed backie into duck jibe.

Ricardo Campello Double Air taka Attempt

Check out Ricardo Campello’s double air taka attempt during the Aloha Classic in Ho’okipa.

Moves – 1 handed back loop by Omar Sanchez

A big one handed back loop by Omar Sanchez.

MOVES – Stalled Forward by Maxim De Buck

A mast mounted view of a forward loop by Maxim De Buck on a stormy day in Wissant.

Moves – Gollito’s Cheese Roll

Gollito Estredo’s version of a Cheese Roll, filmed during this years Gran Canaria Wind & Waves Festival. Pretty tweaked and stylish! We’re not sure to call this a wave move or a freestyle move, or a freestyle wave move… what do you think?

Moves – Kabikuchi by Adrien Bosson

Check out Adrien Bosson’s Kabikuchi during the last weeks Windmeet in Gruissan, August 24-25, 2013.

Moves – The KAINO by Kai Lenny

Check out the Kaino from Kai Lenny, Its basically a Kono taken to the surf, the clip is from 2009 and was part of ‘The Windsurfing Movie II’. Here’s what Kai had to say recently,

One of my favorite moves to do windsurfing! I call it the Kaino. Its basically a Kono taken to the surf, my dream for this trick is to do it on a big wave this winter!

We’ll be watching for it Kai!

Moves – No Hand Flaka by Mattia Fabrizi

A no hand flaka from Mattia Fabrizi.

Moves – Kono by Andraz Zan

A nice Kono from Andraz Zan.

Moves – Backloop by Thomas Bouman

A super slowmo backloop from Thomas Bouwman.

Moves – Burner 540 by Dieter Van der Eyken

From Brazil Dieter Van der Eyken brings us a nice Burner 540.