Levi Siver Aloha Classic King

Levi Siver won the 2013 JP Aloha Classic in his backyard. Check out the cool clip produced by Quatro and Goya in his honor.

Little Waves Lots of Fun

Jeri offers up the perfect place for getting into wave sailing, with a small break and super reliable winds in the mid to high 20s (That’s knots if you’re in one of those other countries). Check out Levi Lenz and Ian Mouro on a training in Jeri, launching some full power airs off the steep ramps!

JP Aloha Classic 2013 – 22 minute of epic footage

Check out the action video of the PWA event – JP Aloha Classic 2013.

The world’s elite of professional PWA sailors mixed up with Hawaiian locals to rip the waves of the windsurfing Mecca called Ho’okipa. Levi Siver, Bernd Roediger and Kauli Seadi took the podium. In the clip they are partnered by the likes of Josh Angulo, Alex Mussolini, the new crowned PWA wave champion Marcillo Browne and the riders of the JP team Kauli Seadi BRA-253, Robby K-89, Ricardo Campello V-111, Jules Denel FRA-41, Antoine Martin F-193, and the Maui Young Gun Morgan Noireaux HI-101. Produced by Robby Swift.

Gear – Gun Sails BLOW 2014

Florian Jung shows us the 2014 Gun Sails Blow, the 4 battern compact wave sail.

  • Reduced weight 4 batten wave sail
  • Short compact outline for more control and radical maneuvers
  • Offset clew: Two asymmetrically set clew eyelets for individual trim
  • 100% x-ply construction for maximum demands
  • Completely compatible with SDM and RDM

Ricardo Campello in Ho’okipa

Ricardo Campello has left the JP Austrail and NeilPryde team, and still no word on who he will be sailing for next season.

Hello everyone I just finished a little video, This is probably my last video sailing with Jp and Neipryde stuff , I just mixed some footage from the photoshoot and the Aloha Classic , is not really edited , but I hope you like it , you are more then welcome to share it! thanks

Churio Ft. Leon Jamaer

Leon Jamaer big jumps and big crashes. Leon recently left Hot Sails and Fanatic to sign with JP and Neilpryde, and he shared a few words about it on facebook:

I have been with Hot Sails Maui for the last 7 years and with Fanatic for the last 5 years. I want to thank them, especially Jeff, Craig, Karin and Torben, but also everyone else who helped me along the way, it has been great! I just signed contracts with JP and Neilpryde and am stoked they put trust in me and also give me the opportunity to turn fully pro and focus on what I want to do anyway – being in the water.

After six weeks on the road I am now happy to come home. Just boarded Santiago – Miami – New York – London – Frankfurt – Hamburg… maybe few more detours as it looks like the big storm in Europe is shutting down airports.

Here is a short clip, probably the last one with Hot and Fanatic, from the other day in Churio using the KS3 4,3 and Quad 82.

see you on the water!

Maui Moments Ft. Victor Fernandez

Victor Fernandez is fresh off a strong PWA season finishing 3rd in the overall wave rankings. After the Aloha Classic he stayed on Maui for some off season training and fun, check out his clip!

TeamFranceWindsurf in Maui

After 7 years the PWA World Tour came back to Hookipa, MAUI for the final event of the 2013 wave tour.

It was also the final event for the 2013 American Windsurfing Tour, and after placing 3rd in Maui Camille Juban was crowned american champion for the 2nd year in a row. Justin Denel also competed in the american event and ended up with a 21st place.

The rest of TeamFranceWindsurf didn’t get their best results ever in Maui, but they did enough to place themselves really well for the 2013 overall World Ranking: Antoine MARTIN is 12th, Jules Denel is 7th and Thomas Traversa is 4th in the World !

“Hookipa Lookback” with Graham Ezzy

3 Minutes of Ho’okipa action with Graham Ezzy.

Going through hard drives on this Sunday afternoon, I found 2-year-old footage from the Don’t Let Go Maui filming (shot by Manu Grafenauer). The clips are of a more traditional, Hookipa flavor than the adventure filming I’ve been doing in Mexico, California, and Madagascar (coming soon!). I couldn’t help throwing the footage together into a 3-minute action edit. It’s 2 years old but still very relevant. -Graham

Stay tuned for more videos from Graham Ezzy.

Soul. Wave Ft. Fernandez

Victor Fernandez shows off the NorthSails Soul.Wave designed for light wind wave riding. Last month he hit up Maui and Chile show off what it can do, saying, “{it was] powerfull and controlable, [it] allowed me to sail marginal wind conditions, I am very impressed.”

John Skye in South Africa and Maui

UK pro John Skye wrapped this year up in a respectable 8th on the PWA wave tour. Check out his latest clip as he hits up Maui and South Africa.

I really should go somewhere different, but everything is so set up for the South Africa/Maui winters. Roberto has base camp set up in South Africa for all the testing, and then we always head to Maui for the photoshoots. I get sailing on both sides, conditions are always great and I guess the biggest factor is we have learnt over the years the best way to the most out of each trip. So this is South Africa and Maui – Again!

So Last Year – Epic Maui Footage

What’s Maui got to offer? The Worlds best wavesailing, top pros, just check out this clip!

Per5i5t Ft. Boujmaa Guilloul

Check out this insane action clip from Boujmaa at his home in Morocco.

OMANiac Ft. Mattia Pedrani

Mattia Pedrani known for his freestyle and beats, has been spending some time in the waves, just check out his latest clip from Oman.

This year I’ve decided to switch things up and make a single clip with both freestyle and wave. Luckily we got some pretty nice conditions this year, and I’ve tried to wavesail as much as possible, managing to pull out some pretty nice moves.
The beat is called “Never Let It Slide”

Kauli at Ibiraquera

Kauli Seadi is at home in Brazil and headed to Ibiraquera for some port tack wavesailing.