Gear: John Sky reviews RRD’s new sail the ‘Style Pro’

The ‘Style Pro’ is RRD’s new, pure freestyle sail. The 4-batten freestyle machine is available in sizes 4.2 to 5.7 and comes in two sick colourways. Read John Skys full review and about the development of the sail on

New Naish Chopper

Hardcore wave sailors that weigh less than 185 lbs. This sail is based on a completely new concept, and is quickly being adopted by top riders like Kai Lenny and Mark Angulo.

– Ultralight Radial Surf construction with Radial Kevlar Airframe
– Ultra short luff lengths and One Mast Concept
– Extremely wide range and exceptional tune-ability
– New sizing that makes old school ‘sailing by the numbers’ obsolete

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