2014 Gaastra Overall

Check out this teaser clip of the 2014 Gaastra sails range, wave, freestyle, freeride, slalom, race, or kids, they’ve got you covered!

2014 Tabou Wave and Freestyle Range Released

The 2014 Tabou board range is now here! The wave and freestyle range features 4 boards, Da Curve Quadster, Pocket Wave, the 3S (STD&LTD), and the Twister.

Check them out below, and enjoy the video above, with some sweet action from Team Tabou.
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2014 Tabou Overall

A preview of the 2014 Tabou lineup. You can check out more details on the 2014 wave and freestyle range here.


A sneak peak of what’s coming from NeilPryde as they launch there 2014 range next week.

Two MauiSails Head to Head

MauiSails 5 Battern (The Legend & GhostXT) vs 4 Batten (Mutant)

Most major brands have 4 and 5 batten wavesails, but what’s the difference, and which is the right choice for your quiver?

MauiSails sail designer Arthur Szpunar takes a look at MauiSail 2 distinct styles of sideshore wave sails. We have our moderate-low aspect ratio, 5 batten Legend and Ghost lines and the super-low aspect ratio 4 batten Mutant.

5 Batten
The Legend and Ghost both share a classic, neutral feel with a more forward oriented draft. The 5 batten skeleton gives a slightly stiffer and more locked profile compared to a 4 batten. The Legend and Ghost’s balanced, efficient outlines smooth out gusty conditions and allow for easy handling whether slicing up wave faces or blasting in windy bump and jump conditions. Our classic 5 batten outlines versatile nature and smooth character helps them maintain a place in the hearts of many as proven performers.

4 Batten
The Mutants greatest advantage is in maneuverability both on the wave and in the air. The ultra-low aspect ratio, combined with our unique shaping techniques makes the mutant an amazing combination of easily accessible power and acceleration together with incredible mobility in 3D space. The significant power advantage allows the Mutant to be sailed approximately .3 m2 smaller than traditional. The low aspect ratio is especially suitable to the 4 batten outline as it brings the battens closer together as well as lowering the center of effort down, close to the riders body. These factors, combined with our highly refined skin tension give the Mutant excellent wind range and control while maintaining a soft breathable feel. The Mutant provides the magic combination of instant acceleration and drive with radical maneuverability that is necessary for the most progressive modern wave style.

2014 Starboard Flare Action

Check out the 2014 Starboard Flare designed by Taty Frans.  This edit features incredible action from Taty Frans and Kiri Thode as the take the New Flare for a spin.

The 2014 Flare, is now available in a unique technology,  know as Carbon Reflex it aims to provide the lightest board with the most responsive feel.

Starboard 2014 Kode Action Video

Also known as the “Köster Kode”, the 2014 Kode Wave is faster, lighter and more durable for the aerial-style next generation. Let Philip and Boujmaa show you.

More on the Kode

Starboard 2014 Quad Action Video

Speed, flow and power brought to you by Scott McKercher. Meet the 2014 version of Starboard’s trademark wave board.

More on the Quad

Starboard 2014 NuEvo Action Video

In collaboration with James Hooper and NUDE Customs, Starboard is proud to present the second generation of NuEvos, with an even bigger range to suit all riders.

More on the NuEvo

North Sails 2014 Wave and Freestyle Range

The big news for North Sails is the introduction of two all new sail to their 2014 range. The IDOL Limited to the freestyle lineup and the SOUL.WAVE to the wave lineup, find out more about it here. Nik Baker walks us through the 3 Wave Sails in the North range for 2014, the 5 batten Volt, the four batten Idol and the 4 batten Hero. Max Rowe talks about the new dedicated freestyle sail the Idol LTD.

All new Soul.Wave from North

The Soul.Wave is an all new sail from North sails for 2014. It’s a new concept with light wind wave and style soul Surfing in mind.

The radically different sail for chilled out Wave and stylish Soul-riders, which turns even lousy conditions into a super session! SUP-compatible!

Key Features:

  • Max. planing power thanks to tight leech
  • Very luffable due to elastic dacron luff panel
  • Further draft back position for adjustable power through backhand
  • Extremely sturdy, unbreakable epoxy battens
  • Top performance on RDM and SDM masts

2014 Fanatic Skate released

Fanatic has one huge advantage in the Freestyle market, multiple time freestyle World champion, Gollito Estredo. For 2014, a new tail design with integrated arch support in the tail pad offers the ultimate in comfort and control and eliminates the double-rail shape in the tail.

The Limited Team edition in Innegra Carbon construction remains as a lighter, stiffer and more UV resistant laminate in the TE model’s 85, 93, 101, and 111-liter sizes The Biax Glass version is available in 100 and 110 L models which are slightly longer and forgiving for aimed at freestyle fun for any level.

“If you’ve got an aggressive, competitive style, you need early-planing, low swing-weight shapes and smooth front-to-back flow to blend tricks from air through to sliding phases. The Skate’s rails do this perfectly – with amazing pads and deck shape to cushion the ride.” – Gollito

Fanatic Wave Collection 2014 Released

Fanatic introduces the new Fanatic wave collection including the Quad, TriWave and FreeWave. Fanatic shaper Sebastian Wenzel, Klaas Voget, Victor Fernandez and Nik Baker are explaining the differences.

Check out more about the 3 New shapes below, complete with great videos from the Fanatic Team.
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Simmer Wave Board Range 2014 Revealed

Simmer has releases their 2014 wave board range, Check out the videos and brief summaries of each product. Whats your favorite or what are you dying to try?
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The All New JP Magic Ride

The 2014 Magic Ride is a brand new board in JP’s lineup.  The board looks to fit between fits between freeride and the classic shortboard, with a short, wide and thin shape.  Check out this video from the JP photoshoot on Maui with action from Julie Kornum and Andy “Bubble” Chambers.  Shaper Werner Gnigler explains the new shape with Andy Chambers.

This is an all-new, thrilling and exciting concept of extra wide, short and thin freeride boards within the JP line. It features so far unseen early planing with the easiest jibing possible. The main difference to comparable boards from our competition is, that they really give you an electrifying feel which you normally only get from much smaller boards. Their early planing and top speed is also unmatched in their class. – JP Marekting

Found out more on JP