WTF – Romain Pinocheau

A compilation of windsurfing crashes filmed in Sao Miguel do Gostoso during the last 3 years.

Wipe Outs – Camille Juban huge backloop crash

There’s something about wipe outs, they’re fun to watch. This one comes From Maui Sails as Camille Juban launches into a huge backloop but bails out.

This One’s got to Hurt

Generally windsurfing wipe outs don’t hurt that badly, water is pretty forgiving. If you add a ramp things get a bit harded, check out this wipe out at the Wesh Center Crew, Leucate.

Crashes by Dieter

Wipe outs are a part of windsurfing, and after all the movies we see there’s a lot of footage that doesn’t make the cut. Dieter Van der Eyken put together this crash compilation with clips he cut from movies over the last year.

“If crashing wouldn’t be part of windsurfing it would be a lot less fun for sure! You just have to get up and try it again! Hope you like it!”


Air Taka Wipe Out

Morgan Noireaux is a master of the air taka, watch a great example here, but this one, it’s huge, but doesn’t go as planned

Graham Ezzy crashes hard on a Hookipa off-the-lip

Graham Ezzy hits a big Hookipa lip, and crashes hard, losing the gear in the process and having to swim for it.

But falls are not fails– at least, not always. Falls, crashes, and wipeouts make learning possible and therefore are the opposite of a fail. Knowledge comes from the Falls.

Graham has some views about The Importance of Crashes, Falls and Wipeouts, you can read onhis blog.

Antoine Martin Wipeout Jaws

Antoine Martin took at a spill at Jaws the other day, he popped back up at the rocks.

AWT Maui Makani Classic 2012 – Crash Compilation

The first event of the 2013 AWT is just under two months away. Here’s a crash compilation they just released from the 2012 Maui Makani Classic. Enjoy the pain!

Supertubes Fail

Jamie Hancock and Timo Mullen had a session at Supertubes in Kimmeridge and give you a lesson on how not to share a wave. Although they do spend awhile taking turns smacking the lip down the line, a little error makes for a bit of a fail. We agree, so check out this clip.

Ben Proffitt’s Corros Crash

Ben Proffitt had a pretty bad crash while trying to pull off a tweaked pushloop at Coronation Beach, Geraldton Western Australia Yesterday, February 18th. Ben Proffitt is the UK Wave Champion, top PWA windsurfer and in recent year teh announcer for PWA’s live stream. The crash resulted in a pretty serious should separation check out the x-ray below.

Best of luck to Ben, and we hope he has a quick recovery!

Wipe Out – Camille Off the Lip

Wipe outs are always a bit entertaining, this one is from Camille Juban and Maui Sails rough cuts, watch as he goes for a Forward off the Lip.