Under The Bridge

Adam Sims brings us this short clip from freestyle spot know as the ‘The Bridge’ located on the river Wien in Vienna.

Moves – Skopu by Adam Sims

Adam Sims throws a Skopu in a tidal pool.

Moves – Double Culo by Adam Sims

A nice double culod by Adam Sims at Matas Blancas.

Adam Sims in Tarifa

Adam Sims training in Tarifa, he can tell his story better then we can, so here’s what he had to say about the clip;

I went solo on the the edit with this one, drawing on experience I’ve picked up whilst cutting clips with Josh from BlackLab I thought I’d make a short action filled video that was a bit more out of the norm than most windsurf edits. I wish I’d had more time to put into it as I have a whole stack of clips still including some funny party nights and a ton of moves, maybe there will be a part 2… Anyway here it is, all the action from the trip, the busted foot, the double forward crash that lead me from one hospital to the next in an ambulance and all the spots we went to along the way.

A special thanks to my girlfriend Hanna Poschinger, to Max ‘BR Fins’, Chris and Bertl from Upsidedown.at, Jamie Drummondo and Ingrid Horgmo for filming.


Moves – Culo by Adam Sims

A culo by Adam Sims that didn’t make the cut for his upcoming movie.

Adam Sims Signs to NEFF

Adam Sims signs to well know California based headwear  company Neff.  Neff is well know in the US particularly int he Snowboard industry and is working on making inroads into the watersports sector and the UK market, where Sims is based.

Here is what Adam Sims had to say:

“I’m stoked to sign to Neff, I already loved the gear so it really is awesome to be using it. Not so well known in the water-sports world and less so in the UK, my main focus is to bring it to these peoples attention. The UK team are currently working on a new website which will be launched soon from what I gather and will contain all the stock, in the meantime here are the current collections –www.neffheadwear.com

Moves – Kono by Adam Sims

Kono at Weiden in Austria by Adam Sims

Tow-in Burner 900 – Adam Sims

Adam Sims landed a burner 900 at West Witterings during the 5th round of the UKWA Freestyle Tour. Pretty sick.

EFPT 3style Area Cup – Sigri Surf Centre Intro

A quick fun filled clip from Adam Sims and a few riders already in Sirgi for the upcoming EFPT stop on August 10 – 12th. Check it out!

Adam Sims And Micho Alvarez In Egypt – 2012

Two hours of footage pieced together by Seb Godsmark to give light on a new Dahab.

Adam Sims in South Africa

Adam Sims freestyling in South Africa during the winter of 2011/2012.  Enjoy the sick video short!

Test Edit and Trailer

Austrian ripper Mauricio Alvarex and UK Freestyle Champ Adam Sims have a new video project in the works. It looks like its gonna have some cool effects and big moves, so be sure to watch for the full feature.