Dario Ojeda – ReEdit

The KSB Collective released this clip from a project they where working on 2 years ago featuring Dario Ojeda. 2 years may seem like an eternity ago, and it may seem like a lot has changed, but a board is still a board, and action is still action.

2 years ago we made a little focus on Dario Ojeda during the Fuerte Wave Classic. After that we had the project to do a complete video about him and start to look for money and time to build this project. We didn’t find what we want to accomplish our goal properly. We don’t give up and for now, have a look at this rebuild interview which was a part of our “Project production file”. For sure you already saw some of this footage, and some informations are no longer valid, but this video was not intended to be broadcast.
KSB Collective

MY WAY Ft. Dario Ojeda

Local Pozo rider Dario Ojeda brings us his latest clip full of windsurfing, surfing and SUP action.


Check out professional windsurfer Dario Ojeda at his homespot Pozo Izquierdo. Some really sick action in this clip as Dario lands double Forwards, Pushloop Forwards, massively tweaked Pushloops or high Backloops.

KAIKANE – Dario Ojeda at Pozo

Dario Ojeda is definitely one of the stand-outs in Pozo, and finished 3rd at last years PWA contest in Pozo.  Here he is at home in Pozo doing his thing!  He has also recently open his own sport center, the Kaikane Water Sport Center – Pozo.  Enjoy the awesome wave action in this clip.