Defi Wind 2013 – The Movie

The 2013 Défi Wind in Gruissan was one of the most successful editions since the launch of the event in 2001. After a day of tow-in freestyle 3 Days of strong wind kicked in for the 805 windsurfers on 1 starting line and 175 km of full speed racing. Check out the 22 minute video that try’s do do the Defi Wind justice but is a unique event, it can not be explained, it must be done, it must be lived.

Defi Wind 2013 by Sarah Hebert

This year because Sarah Hebert has an implantable defibrillator the French federation of sailing didn’t allow her to race.  Anyway she was on the water and the starting boat and she made this nice video from the biggest windsurfing event in the World, the Defi Wind.

Defi Wind 2013

A spectacular video from the 2013 Defi Wind in n Gruissan, France. With over 800 competitors it’s the biggest single windsurfing event in the World. After 5 races Patrice Belbeoch won the event in front of Andre Cucchi and Sebastian Bonhomme Allaire.

Köster, Swift, Van Broeckhoven and Denel at Defi Wind 2013

NeilPryde has announced the TeamPryde’s Philip Köster, Jules Denel, Robby Swift and Steven Van Broeckoven will be attending and competing at the 13th edition of the Defi Wind.

TeamPryde riders are excited to compete in the greatest worldwide windsurfing event and will enter every race, facing 1,000 amateurs. – NeilPryde

Here’s your chance to be on the same line as the pros and see how you stack up.

You can find out more at

Defi Wind Registration Open

Registration for the 13th annual Defi Wind is now open.  The event see over one thousand competitors and is the World’s premier, and largest participation long-distance windsurfing event and festival.  The event runs from May 9th to 12th 2012 in Gruissan, in the South of France.

Head over to for more.

DEFIWIND Summary 2012

The official summary video of the 2012 Defi Wind, which took place from May 17 -20 in Gruissan on the Mediterranean Sea. The event had 850 participants for the largest global gathering of windsurfers, with pros and amateurs mixed on the same starting line.

The video is in French but has English subtitles, enjoy.

Défi Wind 2012

Defi Wind is the biggest windsurfing event ever.  Unforunatley 2012 didn’t deliver the strong winds Defi Wind in know for.  Despite the lack of strong wind, it looks like it was a great event, with everyone enjoying the fun racing.

Defi Wind 2012 teaser day 2

For the second day of the 12th Defi Wind of Gruissan, the wind picked up from south east. Philippe Bru and his staff decided to run a funny race including an unbelievable beach rabbit start!

Defi Wind 2012 teaser day 1

Defi Wind 2012 Teaser day one

The biggest windsurfing event world wide is about to start at Gruissan. First days were about registration and chiling out on the local beach of the Chalets with lots of live music. May the Tram’ be with us for the week end!