Nuking Ramp 44

Andy McKinney of Wind-NC heads out in some crazy Hatteras, North Carolina winds.

Saturday, January 25th went pretty ballistic out here on Cape Hatteras, with winds gusting up towards 40 knots. Maxed out 3.6, I took a short sesh and just kept it simple out there.

Filmed with a Soloshot from the safety of the truck.

Fabrice Beaux at AWT Hatteras

Fabrice Beaux put together this nice video from the 2013 AWT Hatteras Wave Jam event that took place mid September. Check out Fabrice’s write up on the event and of course the clip.

I put this video together after our contest-trip in Cape Hatteras. I like that place and that event: the conditions, the people and the landscape make it a unique place to go windsurf. I have been there 4 times for contest and I always did well. The locals and the windsurfing visitors are always super excited to have the pros on their local spots and we always get a warm welcome there.

The AWT organizers did a great job again this year, and invited Miho and me to stay in the staff house. It was a huge house with a pool, Jacuzzi, and small movie theater. This way we were always in the center of the action and it was so much fun to hang out with everyone.

I also took advantage of being there to present and premier our latest film, “New Hawaii”. I was so stoked to hear all the positive responses that people had to say about it and asking me question about our killer spot in the North Philippines.

Cape Hatteras is perhaps the best windsurfing spot on the East Coast of the US, and I hope that this video might inspire you to go on windsurfing trip there.
~ Fabrice Beaux ~

6 Days In Hatteras

Casey Treichler took a quick six day trip to Hatteras, and the conditions delivered. Check out the wave action he scored with Hatteras locals Keith McCulloch and Andy McKinney.

Windsurfing Quick Clips, Ramp 34, Cape Hatteras

Andy McKinny of Wind NC scored a nice session in a strong NNE at Ramp 34, Hatteras, North Carolina on November 13, 2012.  If you’re curious hes riding a 4.2 Gaastra IQ on a Tabou DaCurve 85.

Hatteras Wave Jam 2012

A preview from a few Hatteras windsurfers, Andy McKinney, Ken Ahrendt, Brian Klauser and Sarah in Hatteras about the American Windsurfing Tour East Coast Stop Sept. 12-15th.

Summertime Windsurfing at Ramp 30

Andy McKinney of Wind-NC brings us this clip of lassic summer windsurfing conditions on Cape Hatteras- Southwest winds in the mid 20 mph range and some fun windswell to play with, every afternoon! This video was shot at Ramp 30, just a few miles north of Avon.

Quick Clips, Windsurfing at the Canadian Hole

Andy McKinney of WindNC on a 4.8 and Tabou Twister 90, for a session at the Canadian Hole the other day.

East Coast Windsurfing Festival June 9th – 10th, 2012

The ECWF is all about having fun.  For this reason there will be no wind minimum for any of the events.  As long as there is enough wind to move a windsurfer forward we’re competing.   So Bring all your gear!  Check in will start at 9:00 am on Saturday June 9th, adn competitors should be ready to race by noon.

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OBX WindFest 2012

The 2012 OBX WindFest runs April 27-29 at the Frisco Woods campground. The event will have demos, clinics, raffels, bbqs, fun, and a Board Toss! Check it out, more detail on their facebook page.