HUGE air at Lanes

Pro windsurfers Jason Polakow and Robby Swift test out some new prototype Neil Pryde sails in Maui, Hawaii. The designer wasn’t too stoked when the boys took to the sky with some massive airs, destroying the sails on a heavy day at Lanes…but the heli footage definitely makes up for it! Check it out!

Jason Polakow Survival Windsurfing

Jason Polakow decided to go windsurfing last Christmas day, he didn’t anticipate getting into trouble with the heavy conditions. Check out how he managed to escape one of the gnarliest locations of the windsurfing world: Backyards on Hawaii’s North Shore.

Jason Polakow Chronicles – Ep 1 – 5 Most Memorable Days

This new series features the life of windsurfing legend Jason Polakow. It kicks off with Jason’s 5 most memorable days on the water. Watch this compilation of the best waves in the world for windsurfing and surfing!

Robby and Jason Reflect on Jaws

Long before Jaws was crowded by paddle surfers windsurfing legends were among the first to ride the break in the early 90’s, which is only accessible by water. Among those few early pioneer’s were Robby Naish and Jason Polakow who continue to ride it to this day.

Read the Full article by Josh Sampiero on the Red Bull Website The legends of Jaws, the world’s biggest wave

Epic conditions at Hookipa with Jason Polakow

Winter has finally arrived in Hawaii and Jason Polakow is testing his new gear for the upcoming season. Watch him riding Hookipa with his unique style and unmatched flow.

Jason Polakow at Cloudbreak 2013

Long awaited and anticipated. This winter Jason Polakow took on Fiji’s mighty Cloudbreak scoring some massive waves with the likes of the World Best Surfers.

Photo Friday – Jason Polakow at Cloudbreak

At the end of May begining of June Jason Polakow was in Fiji riding the infamous Cloudbreak.  Check out the awesome shots as he scored!

There were some solid 8 to 12 foot sets but because the wind was so strong from the night before there was a little bump on the outside bowl.
The inside reef however was silky smooth and if you got the right one it was sick!

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Jason Polakow and Robby Swift at Backyards

With so many northerly winds and medium sized waves on Maui this winter, Jason and Robby ventured to the North Short of Oahu in search for winds and good windsurfing waves. And did they find both!

Big Ho’okipa Wavesailing

On April 6th EpicSesh captured a big day and one of the best days at Ho’okipa of 2013.   Kauli Seadi, Brawzino, Jason Polakow, Robby Swift, Boujmaa Guilloul, Bernd Roediger and many more shred at Ho’okipa Beach Park in this clip.

North Shore Love

Robert Heffel produced this real nice clip form the Paradise of Maui’s North Shore.  Action is featured from riders like Kai Lenny, Jason Polakow, Boujmaa Guilloul, Iballa Moreno, and more!

Jason Polakow Ho’okipa

From chasing big waves around the World Jason Polakow like a good session at home, which just happens to be Maui. “… at the end of the day I really like going back home and getting a really good day in Ho’okipa, especially with my friends…”

Watch him rip it up in this clip.

JP Wave Action 2013

The JP-Australia wave team enjoys a great time on Maui. Jason Polakow KA-1111, Kauli Seadi BRA-253, Ricardo Campello V-111, Robby Swift K-89 and Morgan Noireaux HI-101 go wild with their new JP Twinser Quad, Single Thruster and Freestyle Wave boards

Better late than never!

GlobalShots released this short and kick ass clip of the Neil Pryde Team jumping very close to the heli during there photoshoot in Maui last winter. Some of the riders are Jason Polakow, Kauli Seadi, Robby Swift, and Ricardo Campello.

Chile Punta De Lobos Podcast

The only way to describe this video is epic! Jason Polakow heads to Chili to visit Robby Swift and catches some massive waves at spot called Punta De Lobos.

I have always wanted to go to Chile as some of the largest swells on the planet hit there. Robby Swift gave me the opportunity to come down and visit his new home in Chile and try to windsurf a iconic big wave surfing spot called Punta De Lobos.
The trip was a real test to our commitment to successfully complete this story which actually came down to the last day of wind and the last few hours of light before it was all over. It really made for a exiting trip. – JP

JP Photoshoot Maui – 2013 Products

The anual JP product photoshoot for 2013 was blessed with good conditions for all products. Here are the highlights of the action from the all-star international JP team with Jason Polakow KA-1111, Kauli Seadi BRA-253, Steven van Broeckhoven B-72, Ricardo Campello V-111, Robby Swift K-89, Youp Schmit NED-27, Andy “Bubble” Chambers K-540, Shawna Cropas HI-925, Olya Raskina RUS-14, Maxime van Gent NB-22, Bryan Metcalf-Perez US-505, Morgan Noireaux HI-101 and many more