Klitmoller with Fernandez

Former PWA Wave World Champion, Victor Fernandez, SUPing and SUPsailling in Klitmoller.

TeamFranceWindsurf in Klitmoller

Team France windsurfing at third event of the the PWA Wave World Tour in Klitmoller, Denmark, aka Cold Hawaii. Featuring Jules Denel, Antoine Martin and Thomas Traversa.

Waiting for the Sun

The recent PWA World Cup event in Klitmoller had its share of waiting around. Check out Leon Jamaer short but good action clip from the event.

PWA Denmark 2013 Teaser

The third stop on the PWA Wave World Tour is fast approaching. Check out the teaser for the 2013 PWA Klitmoller World Cup which runs September 16th to 22nd, in the famous Cold Hawaii.

Philip Köster – Two years at Klitmøller

A nice edit featuring World Wave Champion Philip Koster at Klitmoller during the last two PWA stops there during 2011 and 2012. Enjoy the action which is a compilation of some of the best moves Koster threw down during the events.

Cold Hawaii Ft. Leon Jamaer

Gnarly winds, gnarlier temperatures, and big backloops.  This clip from Klitmoeller features riding from Max Droege, Leif Bischoff, Leon Jamaer and Henrik Jamaer.


A nice trailer packed with action from Klitmøller produced by Plasma Boardriding Inc.

PWA Klitmoller 2012 city lift Trailer

City Lift a sponsor of the 2012 PWA event in Klitmoller just released this little clip from the event, enjoy.

NeilPryde at Klitmoller 2012

The NeilPryde team was at the 2012 PWA Event in Klitmoller. Enjoy the action from NeilPryde team riders featuring Kauli Seadi, Ricardo Campello, Philip Köster and Robby Swift.

THE LEGACY – the Cold Hawaii family Day 8 @ Kia World Cup

As if it knew it was time to stop, the wind dropped for the closing day of the 2012 Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup in Klitmøller on Sunday, after a week of tough competition between the best 43 wave windsurfers in the world. After three successful years of competition, Klitmøller, for decades a place of pilgrimage for the windsurfers in the know, is now firmly on the professionals trail.

“It’s an established part of the tour now,” Rich Page, the PWA tour manager, said. “Klitmøller was an event that that had been years in the development phases working with Rasmus Johnsen (head of new media and technology at the Active Institute at the University of Aarhus) and then later with Robert (Sand, the event manager). So that when it came to fruition it was very well organised.

The ‘T’s had been crossed and the ‘I’s dotted and that gave it a solid foundation. It was never going to be a flash in the pan. That hard work has paid off and we expect it to continue to grow.”

And grow it has, driving a digital revolution in the sport. In their inaugural year in 2010, the organisers of Cold Hawaii brought live streaming video technology to the windsurfing World Cup for the first time and this year the introduction of live scoring by the PWA has helped revolutionise the sport.

KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup 2012 – Day 6 the Supersession

Day 6 of the PWA KIA Cold Hawaii World Cup saw the superstars of the wave sailing world deliver a spectacular display, as the City Lift Super Session took place at 1pm. Light starboard tack winds and small waves provided ideal conditions for the competition, as three heats were run before the final, with the top two men from each heat advancing.

The super session final consisted of three English sailors, John Skye (RRD / Mystic / MFC), Robby Swift (JP / NeilPryde / Mystic / Maui Ultra Fins), Jamie Hancock (Tabou / Gaastra), the Brazilian boys Marcilio Browne (Goya Windsurfing / MFC) and Kauli Seadi (JP / NeilPryde), and finally Spain’s, Victor Fernandez (Fanatic / North).

In the light winds and difficult jumping conditions Victor Fernandez was able to gain an early lead as he landed a tabletop forward, however his lead was short lived as Marcilio ‘Brawzinho’ Browne landed an amazing air chachoo. The Brazilian then went one better as he rotated his way through an outstanding one footed backloop to cement his place at the top. Browne’s fellow countryman, Kauli Seadi, completed the top three as he also landed a brilliant air chachoo to wow the crowds on the beach. The deteriorating wind in the final minutes of the heat meant that none of the sailors were able to land any more moves, and Marcilio Browne was crowned the super session champion.

KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup Highlights Day 2

Expectations for day 2 at the 2012 Kia Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup were high. Storms disrupted the wind patterns, and a tornado even rolled through. Unfortunately no heats were completed. With the competition in standby mode for the entire day the PWA caught up with the local hero, Kenneth Danielsen (F2 / Simmer) for a quick chat about yesterday and the prospects for tomorrow. Read the entire interview with Kenneth Danielsen.

KIA Cold Hawaii PWA Worldcup – Day1

The first day of the Kia Cold Hawaii PWA Worldcup is complete. The best wavesailors in the world got warmed up with 6 more days to go riding on the now legendatry North Sea in Klittmøller. Winds where on the lighter side, as the riders began to battle in the single elimination. Brunch, Koester and Ferdanaz all impressed as did other riders expected to advance, advancing, with no big upsets or surprises.

Enjoy the video by Fanatic for high lights of Day 1. And check out a full write up of the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup Day 1 from Chris Yates at the PWA.

Red Bull Soulwave 2012

The Red Bull Soulwave 2012 will take place June 22-24th in Klitmoller, Denmark.  The event is a mixed SUP and windsurf event.  It hasn’t run since 2005 but is making it legendary return for 2012.  Found out more at redbull.dk/soulwave