Throwback Tuesday – 1987 Aloha Classic

A flashback to the 1987 Aloha Classic, while looking forward to the 2013 Aloha Classic!

Retro Flashback – 1980s – Down the Wind

We bring you a retro flash back to the 1980’s, with this clip, “Down the Wind” by Jean-Luc Breitenstein.

Coverage includes the Windsurfer Worlds in 1979 in Porto Hydra Greece. Some early footage of the Wavejump boards called the Windsurfer Rocket. Division 1 and 2 racing in France. A little bit of old school freestyle with railrides, back to sail railrides and duck tacks. It wraps up with footage of the PanAm Cup in Kailua, Hawaii with Robby Naish, Randy Naish and Ken Winner wave jumping. Just !

Watch out for a very young Robby Naish during the Windsurfer Blues song doing some freestyle with a Black and White sail and again in No wind conditions with a Blue and red sail. Also watch Robby uphaul in Kailua waves!

The sport has come a long way since 1980, and I am glad, and thank god we have better music (in most of our videos)! Enjoy watching the people who played a role in bringing the sport to where it is today.

Old School Windsurfing

Pedro from Portugal sent us a really clip about his father, who still enjoys sailing on the gear of the older days. He is using a Wayler plus an origanal 5,9 m triangle sail and even performs some cool freestyle tricks. Perhaps it motivates you know to grab some old big gear and enjoy windsurfing during a nice sunny summerday in 5 to 10 knots of wind. Slam some jibes or go for a railride or get your friends on board.

IMCO Freestyle Old School

Former Olympic medalist Mike Gebhardt shows us some lightwind freestyle on the IMCO.  The video was probably shot around 2004.