Moves – Pushloop Forward by Philip Koster

Philip Koster lands a perfect Pushloop Forward in Pozo.

Philip Koster Training Session

The wave pro’s are getting ready for the first content of the 2013 Season in Gran Canaria, and there is no doubt that reigning World Champion Philip Koster is a favorite to win, and this video shows why. Over the last two days Philips been training at Pozo, Vargas and the semi-secret spot, La Baja. Watch as he throws flawless backloops, cheese rolls, double backloops and rumor has it he’s been working on Boujmaa Guilloul’s ‘Foubackward’ a cheese roll into a backloop.

Moves – Double Forward by Philip Koster

Philip Koster throws an amazing double forwards and sails away dry.

Philip Koster having fun

World Wave Champion Philip Koster has a fun day on the water in some small waves.

Photo Friday – Around The World

The first part of our Photo Friday series today, there are a bunch of shots coming from the recent PWA Worldcup in Podersdorf shortly. This weeks cover shot is this awesom pick of the World Champion Philip Koster by Global Shots. Also don’t miss Robby Naish’s perfect table top! An epic shot of Grham Ezzy who keeps producing awesome shots, plus much more!

Photo Friday – Easter Edition

Maui is back on, so there’s no doubt about it we’ve got a collection of shots from Jimmie Hepp who captures the action on H0’okipa, plus some other great shots from around the World. For the cover shot this week is was a tough call between the insane tweaked aerial of Kai Lenny and the massive air of Philip Koster, but the crazy back bend of Kai gets it. Happy Easter.
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Philip Köster – I like it topless

Here’s some proof that kite girls prefer windsurfers to kite guys… or do only girls kite?

Two time Windsurf World Champion Philip Koster goes for a ride with a Kite Girl in the new commercial for the Volkswagen Beetle.

Köster, Swift, Van Broeckhoven and Denel at Defi Wind 2013

NeilPryde has announced the TeamPryde’s Philip Köster, Jules Denel, Robby Swift and Steven Van Broeckoven will be attending and competing at the 13th edition of the Defi Wind.

TeamPryde riders are excited to compete in the greatest worldwide windsurfing event and will enter every race, facing 1,000 amateurs. – NeilPryde

Here’s your chance to be on the same line as the pros and see how you stack up.

You can find out more at

Philip Köster – Portrait

A look at the PWA Wave World Champion.  With interviews and lifestyle shots at home in Gran Canaria.  The incredible windsurfer and amazing jumper, but we still want to see him in Ho’okipa during next years AWT Maui Makani Classic, where he has to go down the line in bigger waves than the PWA can throw at them.  Enjoy the video!

Team Pryde at the Sylt PWA 2012

Philip Köster crowned Wave World Champion, Antoine Albeau Slalom World Champion, Youp Schmit Youth Freestyle World Champion and Steven Van Broeckhoven 3rd place in the freestyle. A very successful finish to 2012 for Team Pryde.

NeilPryde at Klitmoller 2012

The NeilPryde team was at the 2012 PWA Event in Klitmoller. Enjoy the action from NeilPryde team riders featuring Kauli Seadi, Ricardo Campello, Philip Köster and Robby Swift.

Don’t give up

Philip Koster, Victor Fernandez, Alex Mussolini, Ricardo Campello, Dany Bruch, Thomas Traversa, Kauli Seadi and many others pulling out crazy moves in Cabezo beach, Tenerife! And some guy telling you “Don`t Give Up“… but anyway enjoy the video, maybe turn the sound off and pump your own music.

PWA Sylt Comes to a Wrap

Waves was the call for the final day of the 2012 Sylt World Cup.  Iballa Ruano Moreno and Philip Koster win the wave double eliminations on the final day of the 2012 PWA World Tour.

Results of the men’s wave double elimination:
1st Philip Koster
2nd Alex Mussolini
3rd Victor Fernandez
4th Ricardo Campello

Result of the women’s double elimination:
1st Iballa Moreno
2nd Moreno Daida
3rd Laure Treboux
4th Karin Jaggi

With sylt being the last event of the season the The 2012 PWA World Champions are now decided:
Iballa Moreno – Women’s Wave
Valerie Arrighetti – Women’s Slalom
Sarah-Quita Offringa – Women’s Freestyle
Antoine Albeau – Men’s Slalom
Jose ‘Gollito’ Estredo – Men’s Freestyle
Philip Köster – Men’s Wave

PWA Sylt 2012 – Philip Köster Wave360

Philip Köster’s nice Wave 360 during the single elimination final on Day 2 of PWA Sylt 2012.

Koster Wins the Mens Single Wave Elimination in Sylt

Day 2 just wrapped up at the 2012 PWA Sylt World Cup, and Philip Koster came out on top beating Victor Fernandez. The Heat was exciting with Victor Fernandez dominating early on, with great wave rides, but in the last minutes Koster came back with a nice wave 360 and one handed one footed back loop to take the lead, and win the single.

ON the losers side, Ricardo Campello dominated over Alex Mussoline. Ricardo’s aggressive style had him throw many more jumps, including his signature onehanded one footed forward, he’s currently the guy doing this. Ricardo jumping ability put him in the lead over Mussolini who showed some nice wave rides, with tackas and a nice downwind 360.

1st Philip Koster
2nd Victor Fernandez
3rd Ricardo Campello
4th Alex Mussolini

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