Red Bull Storm Chase – All Missions Highlight Clip

Ten of the best riders, 3 epic storms around the World, that was the Red Bull Storm Chase. Don’t miss the highlights from Josh Angulo (CPV), Marcilio Browne (BRA), Dany Bruch (GER), Kenneth Danielsen (DNK), Victor Fernandez Lopez (ESP), Boujmaa Guilloul (MAR), Leon Jamaer (GER), Robby Swift (GBR), Julien Taboulet (FRA) and the Champion, Thomas Traversa (FRA) competing in Ireland, Tasmania (Australia) and Cornwall (UK) in hurricane-force winds and double-mast-high waves.

Red Bull Storm Chase – Cornwall Highlight Clip

Check out the amazing highlight clip from Mission 3 of the Red Bull Storm Chase as the athletes head to Cornwall for a 100 year storm!

Thomas Traversa Crowned Red Bull Storm Chase Champion

Thomas Traversa was crowned champion of the 2013/2014 Red Bull Storm Chase. The 3rd and final mission wrapped up yesterday in Cornwall, England, where they battled hurricane force winds.

Enjoy the teaser video above as we wait for the official video to be released by Red Bull today.

Red Bull Press release:

Frenchman Thomas Traversa was crowned the champion of the storm surfing universe. Despite weighing just 60 kilos, Traversa won the final leg of the Red Bull Storm Chase in hurricane conditions off the coast of Cornwall in front of Marcilio Browne from Brazil and Leon Jamaer from Germany.

ST. IVES BAY (Great Britain) – When the conditions are so rough that fisherman won’t dare to go out to sea, or when people on shore start to nail their windows and doors shut and schools close down, that’s when “action time” starts for the world’s most fearless storm surfers. With building-high waves and gusts of wind reaching 70 knots (80 mph / 130 km/h), only the best were nominated to participate in the “Red Bull Storm Chase”. During an 18-month holding-period, ten of the world’s best windsurfers waited patiently to catch three of the biggest storms on oceans around the globe to determine who was the very best. After Mission 1 in Ireland (January 2013) and a second mission in Tasmania, Australia (August 2013), Red bull Storm Chase picked the storm-ravaged coast of Cornwall, U.K., for the third and final location for a showdown between the remaining four.

Thomas Traversa of France proved that massive size wasn’t needed to master the elements. Despite weighing just 60 kilos, Traversa’s “fighting weight” was enough to handle the waves and wind better than any of his rivals. He took first place ahead of world champion Marcilio Browne of Brazil and Germany’s Leon Jamaer.

Red Bull Storm Chase, Final Results:

1. Thomas Traversa (France)

2. Marcilio Browne (Brazil)

3. Leon Jamaer (Germany)

4. Dany Bruch (Germany)

About Red Bull Storm Chase: Red Bull Storm Chase is the most-challenging windsurfing contest of all time, with a waiting period that started back in August 2012. By hunting down three massive storms around the globe, ten of the world’s best sailors entered the battle for the crown of ultimate storm windsurfer. With waiting periods spanning the main global storm seasons, ten courageous windsurfers – nominated via public voting – were on standby to hunt down three massive storms, with seven previously nominated destinations featuring as possible competition spots. Four of the original fleet were eliminated during the first mission in Brandon Bay, Ireland, at the end of January 2013. From July 22, 2013, the six remaining windsurfers were on standby for the second mission, held in Tasmania, Australia, last August. Out of these six athletes, four emerged as qualifiers for the third and final mission to crown the victorious Red Bull Storm Chase Champion of 2014. To catch raging conditions, the participants had to be flexible-to-the-max during the holding period with just 48-hours to mobilise on-site before the next storm struck.

Video Copywrite © Red Bull Media House

RBSC Mission #2 – Tasmania Best of Action

The best of action clip is here from mission #2 of the Red Bull Storm Chase, and it is awesome! One of the best edits and best action we’ve seen!

RBSC – Mission #2 Tasmania the Highlights

It’s finally here! The sick and gnarly action from Tasmania during mission #2 of the Red Bull Storm Chase where riders battled massive swells an incredible winds (60+ knots) . These are just a few of the highlights, word is a even big and better video is on it’s way tomorrow!

Redbull Storm Chase 4 Advance

Four riders are advancing to mission #3 in the Redbull Storm Chase. The four riders are Marcilio Browne, Leon Jamaer, Dany Bruch and Thomas Traversa!

It was an intence last day of action as riders battled for the four spots to mission #3. Riders head to BOL (Back of Lighhouse), where a small cove allowed access to a long, peeling point break, with swells well over mast high. Riders launched them selves into huge aerials, big back loops and powerful turns.

Stay tuned as galleries and videos become available!

Opening Day of RBSC – Devil Storm hits Tasmania

The open day of Mission #2 of the Red Bull Storm Chase saw a full round of competition completed in challenging side-on, starboard tack conditions at ‘Temm’ in the North West of Tasmania. Strong winds reaching 64 knots and large swell up to 25-foot facesmeant it was game on!

A series of reefs near Temma Harbour offer good side-shore (wind from right) options in North or North West wind directions. The access is good with plenty of grassy areas for the crew infrastructure and athletes to prepare their equipment. Having a harbour and slipways nearby aid the safety backup crew and provide further launching options for competitors in large surf conditions.

The Heats
Competitors were divided into two man heats, with a twenty minute duration. Head Judge Duncan Coombs made the call for competitors to be towed out of the more sheltered bay behind the main foreshore and beyond the wind line in the middle of the bay.

Instead of a knockout format, the scoring system counted each riders best two jumps and wave rides, the total of which will be used to determine the overall winner following each further round.

The Action
The first heat between Leon Jamaer and Marcilio Browne was cancelled as both riders struggled to get into position for set waves or to line-up jumps. Rainbows followed heavy showers and, as the wind built, peaking at 64 knots it was game-on!

At the end of the day Thomas Travers dominated and took the highest score for wave rides and jumps. Head judge Coombs said, “said “Thomas rode the surf in the most critical situations and looked totally in control – it was like he was playing with the storm while others were struggling in comparison”.

Marcilio Browne also impressed with a very hight tweaked push loop and some solid wave scores. Leon Jamaer went for gnarly wave 360s off vertical sections, showing little fear for the insane conditions.

In another heat Dany Bruch ended up on the rocks after getting caught by a massive set. Luckily the only casualty was his sail


Mission #2 of the Red Bull Storm Chase is a go and now live! As six of the World’s best riders head to the Australian Island of Tasmania.

The 6 remaining riders from Ireland

The 6 remaining riders from Ireland

An incredible Mission #2 lies ahead. Get ready… It’s an official “Go” for Tasmania!

These six advancing competitors will battle it out man vs. man vs. nature within the cooking seas around Marrawah in about 100 hours from now:

Marcilio Browne (BRA), Victor Fernandez (ESP), Julien Taboulet (FRA), Thomas Traversa (FRA), Dany Bruch (GER) and – replacing the unfortunately injured Robby Swift – Leon Jamaer (GER).

Looking forward to see these guys rip!

Check out the Red Bull Storm Chase Mission 2 Live Page.

Red Bull Storm Chase – Tasmania looking good

After a few month hiatus, the Red Bull Storm Chase might be a go, the PWA pro’s have over a month until Kiltmoller, and things are shapping up in Tasmania!

Tasmania forecast still looks really promising for a possible Mission #2 in the region of Marrawah on either Saturday, Sunday or Monday!

Warning Level on has been raised to “Severe” (high / red), indicating – as you can see on the attached forecast map – there clearly is a suitable storm approaching the destination. – RSC

Red Bull Storm Chase – Best of Action Clip

The “Best Of” action clip from the Red Bull Storm Chase in Ireland, is just insane and these guys are bringing windsurfing to a whole new level

Red Bull Storm Chase Highlights from Mission 1

The 10 riders battle wind speed hit over 70 knots and surf over 20 feet in Brandon Bay Ireland.   After the first round 6 riders, Marcilio Browne, Dany Bruch, Victor Fernandez, Robby Swift, Julien Taboulet and Thomas Traversa advance to the second mission.

Read more on Mission 1 here.

Hi-Res Photo Gallery from Mission 1

Red Bull Storm Chase Ireland Hi-Res Gallery

Mission 1 of The Red Bull Storm chase is done! The These six competitors to move on are: Thomas Traversa, Marcilio Browne, Robby Swift, Julien Taboulet, Victor Fernandez and Dany Bruch. You can read the full report here, but it’s all about the insane action. Check out this Hi-Res gallery from Mission 1 of The Red Bull Storm Chase in Brandon Bay Ireladn
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Red Bull Storm Chase Irland – Mission 1 Complete.

After a ground-breaking day of hurricane-strength windsurfing, six sailors – Marcilio Browne, Dany Bruch, Victor Fernandez, Robby Swift, Julien Taboulet and Thomas Traversa – advance to Mission 2 of Red Bull Storm Chase.

With wind speeds peaking at over 70 knots and angry, 20-ft waves, the ten competitors on Mission 1 completed three rounds of competition at two spots in Brandon Bay, Ireland.
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Red Bull Storm Chase – Ireland Gets the Go

A few hours ago, the first of 3 contests for the Red Bull Storm Chase got the go ahead.  10 riders are headed to Ireland, trying to beat the storm that is expected to hit Ireland West Coast on Sunday.   Boardseeker who are familiar with Ireland are saying swell could reach 30-40 feet, with winds up to force 10, that’s around 50 knots.  It should be a gnarly contest, and we’ll keep you posted with updates when ever possible.  The Red Bull Storm Chase website will go Live tomorrow, featuring frequent updates and videos.

Red Bull Storm Chase Update – Logostics

With the Storm Chase off the Break for the PWA Sylt event, it was almost on for Tasmania but some logistics got in the way. Watch the video to finds out more, as they wait for the biggest storms to move through around the World.