Throwback Thursday – Robby in the Pipeline

Robby in the pipeline was one of the first Big Wave Riding videos for windsurfing. It was way before Jaws and the riding of the pipeline showed what could be done be done in a thick hollow wave.

Enjoy the epic action from legend Robby Naish, and film maker Yuri Farrant in this video from 1986!

Throwback Thursday – WSMA World Cup 1986

Every few Thursdays we liek to give you a bit of a retro clip.  This week we have 60 minutes of action from 1986 at the WSMA World Cup, the ultimate event of its day.

Throwback Thursday – Raceboard Anders Bringdal 1989

We follow a bit of web trend and go with a throwback to 1989 and Anders Bringdal on Raceboarding. Credit for the film is from NeilPryde’s movie Fastforward in

Retro Flashback – 1980s – Down the Wind

We bring you a retro flash back to the 1980’s, with this clip, “Down the Wind” by Jean-Luc Breitenstein.

Coverage includes the Windsurfer Worlds in 1979 in Porto Hydra Greece. Some early footage of the Wavejump boards called the Windsurfer Rocket. Division 1 and 2 racing in France. A little bit of old school freestyle with railrides, back to sail railrides and duck tacks. It wraps up with footage of the PanAm Cup in Kailua, Hawaii with Robby Naish, Randy Naish and Ken Winner wave jumping. Just !

Watch out for a very young Robby Naish during the Windsurfer Blues song doing some freestyle with a Black and White sail and again in No wind conditions with a Blue and red sail. Also watch Robby uphaul in Kailua waves!

The sport has come a long way since 1980, and I am glad, and thank god we have better music (in most of our videos)! Enjoy watching the people who played a role in bringing the sport to where it is today.

Nabisco Slalom and Speed Trials – Fuerteventura – 1986

we throw it back a little old school this afternoon with this video.

The Fuerteventura slalom and speed trials of 1986 at Sotavento was a pinnacle event in breaking the fastest speed previously set by Crossbow. The sailors who broke this speed became known as the Crossbow killers. Sailors of the day were Fred Haywood, Pascal Maka, Eric Beale on the mens side with Patti Whitcomb and Britt Dunkerbeck on the ladies side.
The event was sponsered by Nabisco and organised by Julian Kendall.
The tandem speed was also the most impressive with Greisseman and Bertin hitting just over 35 knots.The forty knot barrier was well insight!!
Thanks to Paddy Paine for making this video and other early Speed Trial Videos.

Retro Windsurfing

A cool retro compilation to a song called Wet Souls.