40 Knots at Age 14

Young French rider Benoit Gaudiot, at just 14 has broken 40 knots, his goal for next year, to break 45 knots. The future is looking promising for him as this young speedster stands 6 foot tall and tips the scale at 80 kilos.

Neilpryde EVO5 vs Speed Boat

This neat Heli Shot video comes to us from the Guys at Diabolo Funboard.  Watch as the two riders blast across the open Ocean on Starboards and Neilpryde EvoVs racing a speed boat.

Lüderitz Speed Challenge – Antoine Albeau Interview

French Magazine Windsurf Journal grabbed an interview with Antoine Albeau after the Luderitz Speed Challenge.

Trailer Ghosts of Speed (official)

We’ve been bringing you lots of trailer for the Ghosts of Speed Movie, but here’s the final official trailer with the DVD now available and in time for Christmas!  Ghost of Speed is a modern concept documentary, starring some of the fastest windsurfers in the Netherlands and showing watersports action and the beautiful scenery of The Netherlands.

Speedsurfing can be seen as the Formula 1 of windsurfing. This spectacular high-speed discipline is becoming more and more an important discipline in windsurfing and has developed into an incredible extreme sport.

To grab yourself a copy head to gosmovie.com and check the webshop for the DVD.

Luderitz Speed Challenge – Episode 1

Since November 5th, some of the world’s best windsurfers including Antoine Albeau, Björn Dunkerbeck, Anders Bringdal and Patrik Diethelm have descended on Lüderitz in Namibia to participate in the 2012 Lüderitz Speed Challenge. The Luderitz Speed Challenge is a contest of 100% speed windsurfing. For a month a special canal is constructed. This year records have been shattered again and again with extraordinary times, 45.84 knots and Zara Davis (Women) and Antoine Albeau clocked at 52.05 knots!

Anders Bringdal takes you down the Luderitz Speed Channel

Pro windsurfer and sailor Anders Bringdal from Sweden gives you a view of what it’s like to ride with him at over 95 kph down a narrow channel in the Namibian desert.

Antoine Albeau hits 52.05 knots

Almost everyday a record has been broken in Nambia, the windsurfers keep smashing the 500M record.  On Wednesday November 21, Antoine Albeau was timed at 52.05 knots improving his own record, as he had already set on November 13.

Anders Bringdal followed with a new Swedish Record which is also Production board World Record, 51.45 knots!

Jurjen Van Der Noord the Dutch Record Holder also went over 51 knots today, joining Anders Bringdal and Cédric Bordes, with 51.26 knots!

With more than a week left there`s no telling what happened, and the big man Bjorn Dunkerbeck just joined the contest and we can expect some big numbers from him, but will he or anyone beat Antoine Albeau’s 52 knots?

Monster GPS / Slalom Board

With all the attention turned to speed sailing in the last few days here`s a video from Simmer featuring There Monster GPS / Slalom board.

How to tune a Race Sail for Speed

Ghosts of Speed asked some fast guys how they tune racing sails for speedsurfing.
This clip is a technical extra content for the coming documentary Ghosts of Speed.
You can geta copy of the whole movie here  gosmovie.com, which is set to come out this December.

Nabisco Slalom and Speed Trials – Fuerteventura – 1986

we throw it back a little old school this afternoon with this video.

The Fuerteventura slalom and speed trials of 1986 at Sotavento was a pinnacle event in breaking the fastest speed previously set by Crossbow. The sailors who broke this speed became known as the Crossbow killers. Sailors of the day were Fred Haywood, Pascal Maka, Eric Beale on the mens side with Patti Whitcomb and Britt Dunkerbeck on the ladies side.
The event was sponsered by Nabisco and organised by Julian Kendall.
The tandem speed was also the most impressive with Greisseman and Bertin hitting just over 35 knots.The forty knot barrier was well insight!!
Thanks to Paddy Paine for making this video and other early Speed Trial Videos.

Anders Bringdal 50.46 knots in Luderitz

The Swedish Record Holder Anders Bringdal broke the 50 knots barrier with a run at 50.46 knots and improve the speed world record on production board as well !

This video is a run before record, but still faster than we’ve ever gone!

Albeau and Bringdal smash the 50 knot barrier

After the promising first few days at Luderitz Speed Challenge, everyone felt that the 50 knot barrier wasn’t far off with some close runs and a new World Record. Finally, on Tuesday, the barrier was broken and records kept tumbling with almost every run.
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Human vs. UFO

Some great speed sailing action shot two days before Defi Wind 2012 in over 50 knots.

GPS world record speedsurfing – Ghosts of Speed

This is a present for the riders, speedsurfing in The Brace the 8th june 2012.  The video has been edited with the footages of the documentary Ghosts of Speed, coming in November 2012.

Follow the project Ghosts of Speed in their Facebook page.


Orange Speed Crossing Day 2

A recap of April 8th at the Orange Speed Crossing.  The event is taking place in Leucate, La Franqui located on the French Mediterranean. The speed crossing is part of the Mondial-du-Vent (World Wind) event taking plave from April 7th – 15th.