Romain Pinocheau – Brazil 2014 Teaser

Romain Pinocheau drops this sweet little freestyle teaser from his trip to Brazil in 2014. The full clip is coming soon!

Tourists of The Sea – Teaser

Here’s a Teaser for an upcoming series featuring Kevin Pritchard and Graham Ezzy. Both have both done some amazing videos in the past, so this clip will be one not to miss!

“Dont Let Go” – Peru Special

‘Don’t Let Go’ is a full length documentary featuring Boujmaa Guilloul, Robby Swift, Flo Jung and more, as they travel to ten different countries capturing all aspects of being a pro windsurfer. From travelling to remote destinations, riding the biggest waves, competing on the world tour, suffering serious injuries and fighting hard to come back.

Brought to us in this clip is a sneak peak at the Peru section, and definitely makes us want to check out the full movie!

Full movie now available on itunes:

Below The Surface – Teaser with Victor Fernandez

The first teaser is released for the upcoming DVD “Below the Surface”, featuring Victor Fernandez on Maui. We can expect weekly teasers from the Below the Surface team until the Premier in Sylt during the PWA World Cup.

Way of Life – Teaser

Check out the quick teaser of “Way of Life” an experement between Italian rider, Dario Troiani and Italian photographer Giulio Rosso Chioso, that trys to show a different point of view of the World of windsurfing and the life Dario lives.

What will the video hold? Whicked freestyle action, laid back lifestyle, sexy babes? We’re going to have to wait and see… the full thing is coming soon!

Bonifacio Freestyle Project ’13 teaser 2

The second teaser of the 4th edition of Bonifacio Freestyle Project… full video coming soon!

Teaser – Freestyle Project

A very nice teaser for The Freestyle Project, shot in Piantarella, Corsica. It is coming soon!

Teaser – Brazilian Cravings

There’s been a flood of videos from Brazil lately as everyone has been headed home and the season largely wraps up there.  French freestyle Romain Pinocheau put this teaser together from his Brazilian winter trip, the full movie is coming soon.

Florian Wegerer 2012 Teaser

A short freestyle teaser clip from Bonaire’s Florian Wegerer, who promises the full video will be here soon!