Down The Line

Ka Sails team Sailor Ben Newson (Aus 23) brings us this collection of nice clips filmed in Western Australia over the 2013 and 2014 seasons.

Red Bull Storm Chase – Cornwall Highlight Clip

Check out the amazing highlight clip from Mission 3 of the Red Bull Storm Chase as the athletes head to Cornwall for a 100 year storm!

Thomas Traversa Crowned Red Bull Storm Chase Champion

Thomas Traversa was crowned champion of the 2013/2014 Red Bull Storm Chase. The 3rd and final mission wrapped up yesterday in Cornwall, England, where they battled hurricane force winds.

Enjoy the teaser video above as we wait for the official video to be released by Red Bull today.

Red Bull Press release:

Frenchman Thomas Traversa was crowned the champion of the storm surfing universe. Despite weighing just 60 kilos, Traversa won the final leg of the Red Bull Storm Chase in hurricane conditions off the coast of Cornwall in front of Marcilio Browne from Brazil and Leon Jamaer from Germany.

ST. IVES BAY (Great Britain) – When the conditions are so rough that fisherman won’t dare to go out to sea, or when people on shore start to nail their windows and doors shut and schools close down, that’s when “action time” starts for the world’s most fearless storm surfers. With building-high waves and gusts of wind reaching 70 knots (80 mph / 130 km/h), only the best were nominated to participate in the “Red Bull Storm Chase”. During an 18-month holding-period, ten of the world’s best windsurfers waited patiently to catch three of the biggest storms on oceans around the globe to determine who was the very best. After Mission 1 in Ireland (January 2013) and a second mission in Tasmania, Australia (August 2013), Red bull Storm Chase picked the storm-ravaged coast of Cornwall, U.K., for the third and final location for a showdown between the remaining four.

Thomas Traversa of France proved that massive size wasn’t needed to master the elements. Despite weighing just 60 kilos, Traversa’s “fighting weight” was enough to handle the waves and wind better than any of his rivals. He took first place ahead of world champion Marcilio Browne of Brazil and Germany’s Leon Jamaer.

Red Bull Storm Chase, Final Results:

1. Thomas Traversa (France)

2. Marcilio Browne (Brazil)

3. Leon Jamaer (Germany)

4. Dany Bruch (Germany)

About Red Bull Storm Chase: Red Bull Storm Chase is the most-challenging windsurfing contest of all time, with a waiting period that started back in August 2012. By hunting down three massive storms around the globe, ten of the world’s best sailors entered the battle for the crown of ultimate storm windsurfer. With waiting periods spanning the main global storm seasons, ten courageous windsurfers – nominated via public voting – were on standby to hunt down three massive storms, with seven previously nominated destinations featuring as possible competition spots. Four of the original fleet were eliminated during the first mission in Brandon Bay, Ireland, at the end of January 2013. From July 22, 2013, the six remaining windsurfers were on standby for the second mission, held in Tasmania, Australia, last August. Out of these six athletes, four emerged as qualifiers for the third and final mission to crown the victorious Red Bull Storm Chase Champion of 2014. To catch raging conditions, the participants had to be flexible-to-the-max during the holding period with just 48-hours to mobilise on-site before the next storm struck.

Video Copywrite © Red Bull Media House

Liquid Symphony Ft. Levi Siver

Levi Siver is one of the best wavesailors, and his skills are perfectly showcasedat home on Maui. Check out his latest clip with footage from recent Ho’okipa sessions.

Camille Juban Hawaii 2013

Camille Juban (2013 AWT Pro Champ) put together some sick footage he had from the AWT final and the PWA event in Maui.

Escape to Lanzarote Ft. Omar Sánchez

A short but intense wavesailing action clip of Omar Sánchez at Lanzarote.

Deja Vu by Bernd Roediger

Bernd Roediger heads to the Marshal Island for a Deja Vu and once again it doesn’t disappoint! Enojy this amazing wavesailing clip.

Henrik Jamaer in Capetown Part 2

It seems everyone is in Cape Town right now. Henerik Jamaer brother of pro Leon Jamaer is no exception, check out this clip as he tears up some sweet South African Waves.

Looking for Part 1?

Nuking Ramp 44

Andy McKinney of Wind-NC heads out in some crazy Hatteras, North Carolina winds.

Saturday, January 25th went pretty ballistic out here on Cape Hatteras, with winds gusting up towards 40 knots. Maxed out 3.6, I took a short sesh and just kept it simple out there.

Filmed with a Soloshot from the safety of the truck.

Yannick Anton windsurfing for renewables against oil in Canaries

Professional windsurfer Yannick Anton windsurfs big waves in Fuerteventura and shows how to live sustainable on the island. Yannick is one of our ambassadors against oil drilling and also windsurfs for the Clean Ocean Project.

Help us to fight for renewables against oil in Canaries. Sign the petition at and support our athlete videos at / environment.

We have the power. Yes to renewables, no to oil drilling in Canaries.

The Incredible Journey of Marcillio Browne

In 2013 Marcillio Browne wrapped up the PWA World Tour on the top of his game. At thelast event of the season, the Aloha Classic, he became the 2013 Wave World Champion. Earlier in the season he also won the PWA World Cup event in Denmark, and is still in the hunt for the Red Bull Storm Chase. This amazing clip by Arthur Miranda highlights the 2013 season of this Brazilian ripper. Enjoy!

Mattia Pedrani’s Xmas Mixup

Mattia Pedrani brings us a mashup of 5 differenet session he had over the past Christmas during a quick trip to Sardinia.

It started off in Principina, Tuscany, on the 25th, with 30 knots port tack, then went to Funtana Meiga, Sardinia to sail starboard tack with 35 knots sideon on the 26th and 15 sideoff on the 27th. A little freestyle sesh in Porto pollo with 13/20 knots in Porto Pollo and then a nice clean surf session in La Ciaccia to finish everything up, and then straight back home. – Mattia

Moroccan Potential Ft. Boujmaa Guilloul

Check out this clip and enjoy the great down the line action from Boujmaa Guilloul, at one of his favorite spots in Morocco, Cap Ghir.

From My Eyes Ft. Victor Fernandez

Victor Fernandez brings us into his recent trip to Chile with some action packed riding.

Philip Koster at Salinas

Philip Koster is back home in Gran Canaria after his exploration down under. Check out his latest clip as he rips up Salinas.