Camile on Tom Juban on an epic mission to set a record for the longest wave ever ridden.

Welcome to Chicama, home to arguably the longest waves in the World. This barelling, sand-bottomed left point break was discovered by an American surfer in 1963 and since then, has been a world-class travel destination for surfers around the world. Camille and Tom Juban are professional windsurfers who have set their sites on the mythical spot to try to break the Guinness World Record for Longest wave ever ridden. Meet the Jubans and the wave of destiny in this episode and stay tuned for one crazy challenge. This Guy Wants to Windsurf the Longest Wave Ever | Endless Ride, Ep. 1

Camille Juban goes down in History Officially

It’s official, Camille Juban’s 7 minitue 3 second wave ride got confirmed by The World Guinness Book.

Dear Mr Camille Juban,

We are delighted to confirm that you have successfully achieved a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for ’Longest duration surfing a wave – windsurfing’. We would like to congratulate you on your record-breaking achievement. You are OFFICIALLY AMAZING.

Your official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS certificate confirming your world record is being created and will be sent to you within ten working days.

Yours sincerely,

Records Management Team

Congratulations Mr. Juban!

Camille Juban Sets a World Record!

Camille Juban has set the world record for the longest wave ride ever!

“On Monday 19th August 2013 at 16h24min, Camille JUBAN realise the record of the world of the longest duration surfing a wave – windsurfed with a time of 07min and 03sec on the mythic wave of Chicama Peru.

“The American Windsurf Tour 2012 champion, currently leader of the AWT 2013 and his young brother Tom JUBAN attempt the fight for the GUINESS WORLD RECORD before to participate at the competition Pacasmayo Classic 2013.”

We definitely want to check out Peru now!

Windsurfing 24 hour Distance Record

In March 2013, Victorian windsurfer Craig Hollins ventured to Lake George in South Australia to attempt a world distance record. After about two hours he had already racked up 100kms. Around 9pm after 14 hours he had sailed 538kms and set a new World Record! Watch the whole story in this video here.

Antoine Albeau at Speed in Namimbia

On November 21th 2012, Antoine Albeau after smashed the 50 knots barrier several times reached 51 knots, ending with the best performance ever in windsurfing and registering a New Speed World Record : 52.05 knots!!!  Check out his insane speeds in this video.

Antoine Albeau hits 52.05 knots

Almost everyday a record has been broken in Nambia, the windsurfers keep smashing the 500M record.  On Wednesday November 21, Antoine Albeau was timed at 52.05 knots improving his own record, as he had already set on November 13.

Anders Bringdal followed with a new Swedish Record which is also Production board World Record, 51.45 knots!

Jurjen Van Der Noord the Dutch Record Holder also went over 51 knots today, joining Anders Bringdal and Cédric Bordes, with 51.26 knots!

With more than a week left there`s no telling what happened, and the big man Bjorn Dunkerbeck just joined the contest and we can expect some big numbers from him, but will he or anyone beat Antoine Albeau’s 52 knots?