Fanatic Waterman Noah Voecker-Roche “Time to Ride”

New up and coming young gun Noah Voeker-Roche one of Fanatics youngest waterman is ripping the waves with his ProWave SUP and Quad Waveboard!  At only 14 this young gun will be someone to watch in the future if not now!

Cervantes Speed 2012

An amazing video from Windsurf Australia.

This years Cervantes Speed trials in the small fishing town of Cervantes, 200km north of Perth was greeted with 35 knots of wind on day 1 with many competitors struggling with the rougher conditions. Day 2 produced a much more pleasant 15-20 knots for the ocean race and general free sailing in the bay. Chris Lockwood won the trials with a speed of 71 km an hour.

Slowride teaser

Crazy power, and crazy crashes. We don’t know much more, but here’s the teaser to a full video coming soon…

RS:One World Championship Boracay 2012

Close your eyes and imagine a perfect tropical island in the middle of the Pacific with miles of white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and off shore breeze up to 20 knots…

Imagine a place where you will race with your family or friends during the day and then relax with a cocktail in front or the most beautiful sunset you will ever see…

Imagine the perfect one-design race where 120 brand new RS:One sets will be available on site for an unforgettable World Championships featuring new windsurfing race formats such as long distance or the dynamic Pulsar course…

NeilPryde, the RS:One Class and the Philippines Windsurfing Association will be turning this dream into reality with the first RS:One World Championships to be held on the paradise island of Boracay, Philippines, from 10th to the 15th of December.

For more information go here:

The RS:One Class is the brand new ISAF One-design universal allowing windsurfers of all levels, ages and genders to compete together.


Hawaiian Soul Surfers TV published an in-depth interview with the legendary Robby Naish, perhaps the most household name in windsurfing, with interesting insight into his life and influences growing-up on Oahu and his journey to becoming a family man and figurehead of the boardsports world and industry.

A must watch!

Big Shove-it Spock by Maarten van Ochten

Dutch Freestyle windsurfer Maarten van Ochten with a Big Shove-it (air) Spock at the oostvoornse Lake with the 4.2 NP Wizard and 90 Liter JP Freestyle.


The Pritchard brothers often offer great tips and videos, plus deals on gear on their website. Check out this video of Matt Pritchard going down the line at  Kanaha.  Than check out all the tips to improve your wavesailing.

1. Look behind you just as much as you look in front of you!!! Yes, that is right, the wave is coming from behind you- if you can’t see it, you are gonna be in trouble. Be patient, just because you are coming in doesn’t mean there is a wave right behind you- Look for it, wait for it!

Get all five tips for wavesailing from the Pritchards

Jericoacoara Spotguide – Episode 1 – Lagoa Azul & Paraiso

In the fall of 2012, Windsurfing Into the Unknown explored around the famous windsurfing and tourist town of Jericoacoara, Brazil, to see what kind of windsurfing spots they can find. They created a 4 episode series showcasing good spots to windsurf that are accessible from Jericoacoara. This is the first episode featuring the lagoons; Lagoa Azul and Lagoa Paraiso.

Windsurfing Into the Unknown’s mission is to discover and explore the world’s coastlines, learn with and through local cultures with an open mind, and respect for the natural environment, guided by our passion and addiction to nature’s elements of wind and water.

You can check out more from riders Michael Rossmeier (Austria), Philip Soltysiak (Canada) at

Bjorn Dunkerbeck, in Luderizt

Go along for a ride with Bjorn Dunkerbeck on a warm up run down the Luderizt channel in his quest for a speed record.

Antoine Albeau at Speed in Namimbia

On November 21th 2012, Antoine Albeau after smashed the 50 knots barrier several times reached 51 knots, ending with the best performance ever in windsurfing and registering a New Speed World Record : 52.05 knots!!!  Check out his insane speeds in this video.


Peter Ross talks about the new 2013 OES Smack Quad 85L, and demos the wave action in NW Australia on the new board.

Luderitz Speed Challenge – Episode 1

Since November 5th, some of the world’s best windsurfers including Antoine Albeau, Björn Dunkerbeck, Anders Bringdal and Patrik Diethelm have descended on Lüderitz in Namibia to participate in the 2012 Lüderitz Speed Challenge. The Luderitz Speed Challenge is a contest of 100% speed windsurfing. For a month a special canal is constructed. This year records have been shattered again and again with extraordinary times, 45.84 knots and Zara Davis (Women) and Antoine Albeau clocked at 52.05 knots!

Girls Windsurf Maui a Windsurfing video by flowatersports

Girls Windsurf Maui

4 windsurfing babes, with Tatiana, Sarah, Katie and Amy, in Maui during November 2012. Check out more about the Butterfly Effect @

TeamFranceWindsurf at Sylt

Team France Windsurf always puts awesome videos together from the PWA events. Check out this one from the Sylt PWA World tour Finals, and the north sea delivered for the final event. The freestylers ran a double elimination in challenging conditions, and the waveriders who enjoyed the nice waves that hit Sylt for this year’s event.

Movember 2012 – Ultimate shaving – Father and Son Video

In this video Guy Cribb will attempt to shave his moustache while windsurfing…