Henrik Jamaer in Capetown Part 2

It seems everyone is in Cape Town right now. Henerik Jamaer brother of pro Leon Jamaer is no exception, check out this clip as he tears up some sweet South African Waves.

Looking for Part 1?


Friends of Cold Hawaii, the team behind the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup have just announced Klitmoller will not host a PWA World Cup in 2014. They are still hoping and working to hold an event in 2015.

Press Release:

No Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup in 2014!

In 2013 it was the 4th time that Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup was held in Thy. This time with His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark as patron. It was a culmination of an amazing journey with an event, which we all can look back at with pride.

2014 will not be the 5th time. The board of Friends of Cold Hawaii has just decided this. This happens in the aftermath of Thisted City Council’s decision to grant 350,000, and not the 500,000 that the association had requested. President of Friends of Cold Hawaii, Finn Jorsal says:

“I would like to emphasize that we have been pleased to collaborate with the municipality of Thisted, which we consider as one of the customers who get a lot from our product. However, we must conclude that we can not deliver for the price they will pay. We have had to take the consequences of that. The 500,000 is necessary to create the stability, which is needed to reach the goal of the overall project. Without stability, we can not do it.”

Friends of Cold Hawaii is not closing down. Finn Jorsal continues:

“The association is still active, and we still have a burning desire for a Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup in 2015. However, one should not be blind to the unique situation we have had in the period in which the event has been running. It is rare that the right resources are passionate about the same idea at the same time, and furthermore decides to make it happen. Whether we can mobilize it one more time is uncertain. As president of the association, that worries me”

Friends of Cold Hawaii has a board meeting again on 25th of February, where the plans for a year without a World Cup, among other things, is to be discussed.

Trailer – Arrianne and Oda in Brazil

Oda Johanne and Arrianne Aukes had a great time sailing in Brazil. They’ve just released this trailer for there upcoming clip in a few days, and we can’t wait, some great freestyle and a little wavesailing, featuring two beautiful blondes who rip doesn’t heart either.

Nuking Ramp 44

Andy McKinney of Wind-NC heads out in some crazy Hatteras, North Carolina winds.

Saturday, January 25th went pretty ballistic out here on Cape Hatteras, with winds gusting up towards 40 knots. Maxed out 3.6, I took a short sesh and just kept it simple out there.

Filmed with a Soloshot from the safety of the truck.

North Warp F2014

The 2014 North Sails Warp F2014 racing sail is here.

Yannick Anton windsurfing for renewables against oil in Canaries

Professional windsurfer Yannick Anton windsurfs big waves in Fuerteventura and shows how to live sustainable on the island. Yannick is one of our ambassadors against oil drilling and also windsurfs for the Clean Ocean Project.

Help us to fight for renewables against oil in Canaries. Sign the petition at savecanarias.org and support our athlete videos at theVibes.tv / environment.

We have the power. Yes to renewables, no to oil drilling in Canaries.

The Incredible Journey of Marcillio Browne

In 2013 Marcillio Browne wrapped up the PWA World Tour on the top of his game. At thelast event of the season, the Aloha Classic, he became the 2013 Wave World Champion. Earlier in the season he also won the PWA World Cup event in Denmark, and is still in the hunt for the Red Bull Storm Chase. This amazing clip by Arthur Miranda highlights the 2013 season of this Brazilian ripper. Enjoy!

Mattia Pedrani’s Xmas Mixup

Mattia Pedrani brings us a mashup of 5 differenet session he had over the past Christmas during a quick trip to Sardinia.

It started off in Principina, Tuscany, on the 25th, with 30 knots port tack, then went to Funtana Meiga, Sardinia to sail starboard tack with 35 knots sideon on the 26th and 15 sideoff on the 27th. A little freestyle sesh in Porto pollo with 13/20 knots in Porto Pollo and then a nice clean surf session in La Ciaccia to finish everything up, and then straight back home. – Mattia

Jacopo Testa in Sao Miguel Do Gostoso

Italian freestyler Jacopo Testa has in Brazil for a little mix of freestyle and wavesailing, check out his clip from Sao Miguel Do Gostoso.

Technique – Backlooping with Adam Lewis

Backlooping is a key move in your wavesailing arsenal, the rotation is smooth and floaty! Adam Lewis of the Black Team explains step by step how to land nice backloops.

Now get out there and have fun!

Moroccan Potential Ft. Boujmaa Guilloul

Check out this clip and enjoy the great down the line action from Boujmaa Guilloul, at one of his favorite spots in Morocco, Cap Ghir.

From My Eyes Ft. Victor Fernandez

Victor Fernandez brings us into his recent trip to Chile with some action packed riding.

Philip Koster at Salinas

Philip Koster is back home in Gran Canaria after his exploration down under. Check out his latest clip as he rips up Salinas.

Magheroarty Classic 2013

Check out some epic action from the 2013 Magheroarty Classic, the legendary event takes place every September on the North West Coast of Ireland.

If you are looking for a place to wavesail in europe in September, Ireland is a perfect choice with long days, warm water and heaps of waves hitting Irish west coast.

Here is a story of an Magheroarty Classic event that took place September 2013 and will continue 6/7 September 2014 with rollover option for 21/22 of September.

A bit different video then most of the clips you will see on C7 but we hope you gonna like it and visit Ireland for some party and Guinness this year!

Top 10 in the Gold Feet
1 Timo Mullen
2 Rob Jones
3 Alex Dugan
4 Ryan O’Leary
5 Oisin van Gelderen
6 Rob Creane
7 Dan Gardner
7 Dan Kealy
8 William Revels
8 Cormack O’Brien
9 Katie McAnena
9 Mark Killeen
10 Dave Garvey
10 Tom Lotocki
10 Niall Mellon
10 Martin Roe
10 Jonny Price

Tom Brendt Diary Part III

The latest action from El Yaque featuring Yoli de Brendt, Ricardo Campello Cheo DIaz and Gollito Estredo.

Check out Parts I and II here.