El Medano. Last resort…?

Check out some windsurfing action from one of the Canary Islands, El Medano on Tenerife. Featuring: Alex Mussolini, Dany Bruch, Giacomo Venturini, Nicolas Akgazciyan, Andre Ludewig, Enzo Esposito, Valter Scotto and many more.

DEEP – Maciek Rutkowski

Maciek Rutkowski is probably one of the most versatile windsurfers on the planet. Before his 21st birthday he’s locked in top20 World Tour results in 3 different windsurfing disciplines. But would he rather be right on top in one? Take a little sneak peak into his mindset and a bigger sneak peak into his action from a few of the first sessions of 2014.

Thomas Traversa in Tenerife

Right after winning the Red Bull Storm Chase final mission in Cornwall, Thomas Traversa came to the island of Tenerife to test new sails. We managed to score some good conditions around the island, trying some new spots in El Poris (sailing together with Alex Mussolini) and in the north of the island.

Here is the short video where Thomas speaks about winning the competition, his travels in chase of the big waves, and equipment.

Bruch at El Confital

Dany Bruch charges hard at the breaking barrel on Tenerife know as El Confital, well known to bodyboards as a heavy wave, Bruch charged hard and has some big wipeouts!

Shred. ft. Flo Jung

Flo Jung put together this nice clip from his recent windsurf trips including Maui, Brazil and Tenerife. Enjoy!

Kenneth Danielsen at Tenerife

Draw dropping action from from Kenneth Danielsen, as he put together all his best action from the PWA Tenerife World Cup. The result is huge turns, and slashy cut backs.

TeamPryde in Tenerife 2013

Watch TeamPryde compete at the PWA World Cup in El MÈdano, Tenerife. Featuring wave action from Antoine Martin, Jules Denel, Ricardo Campello and the winner, Philip Koster!

the Black Team in Tenerife

Point-7s the black team always bring us great updates of there athletes after events. Here’sthe latest from the 2013 PWA Tenrife World Cup, where they had great conditions with strong winds and big waves.

Fabrice Devos in El Cabezo

A nice clip of Fabrice Devos windsurfing in El Cabezo, Tenerife. Shot during August just before the World Cup kicked off there.

2013 PWA Tenerife – Live!

The pest Wavesailors in the World meet meet for the second time for the 2013 PWA Tenerife World Cup. The contest takes place August 3rd to 9th. Get all your updates, info and the live stream right here!

News and Videos

2013 Event Complete!

Juniors – Moritz Mauch wins as the juniors take center stage in Tenerife.

Day 5
Day 5 Highlight Video – High flying action as the double elimination wraps up and Philip Koster and Daida Moreno are Crowned.
The Winners – Philip Koster and Daida Moren win the 2013 Tenerife World Cup.

Day 4
Day 4 Highlight Video – Awesome action and rider interviews including Ricardo Campello
Day 4 – only 5 men and 5 women are left standing in the double elimination

Day 3
Day 3 Highlight Video – Sick action continues as 40 knots winds and great waves pumped through Tenerife on Day 3.
Day 3 – Philip Koster and Daida Ruano Moreno come out on top after the single elimination

Day 2
Day 2 Highlight Video – A bit of a waiting game in the morning, then some sick single elimination action!
Day 2 – The single eliminations are nearing completion.

Day 1
Day 1 Highlights Video – Missed the live stream or just addicted like us? Check out the highlight clip from day 1.
Memorial for Andre Paskowski – Before competition began everyone took time to pay respects.
Day 1 – The event sees great conditions with the completion of the men’s trials, men’s single elimination, and the start of the women’s single elimination.
Event Preview – The who what, where and why of the 2013 PWA Tenerife World Cup.

Tenerife Teaser – An teaser video of past events.

Tenerife Training Diaries – Part 2

Ben Proffitt brings us the first episode of training diaries from Tenerife.

Well we’ve been here a week now and the conditions haven’t exactly been classic by any means but we have had some action. So in these diaries we have an injury update with Lewis and Sniady, Musso and Traversa get it on. plus we take a look at some of the wild cards.

The 2013 PWA Tenerife World Cup begins tomorrow and the forecast looks awesome, so stay tuned from the live stream with Ben Proffitt.

These Diaries are sponsored by www.tws-windsurf.com

13 Year Old Tim Van Dam Sanchidrian Shredding

Check out this video of 13 year old El Medano local shredding at El Canezo, Tenerife.  At only 13 he is already ripping in the waves, throwing forward loops, and trying backloops!

Rutko Got Power

Maciek Rutkowski’s (part of the Black Team) brings us his PWA season preparations including hardcore water training and even harder off-water training, shot in Terife. By Globetrotter Entertainment.

Alberto Menegatti – winter training

Alberto Menegatti won the first stop of PWA slalom events this year in Ulsan, Korea. In this short you can see his preparation and hard training that paid off in El Medano, Tenerife.

The Black Team – Winter Training in El Medano

Point-7 are taking a revolutionary step in terms of the International Team concept. From Jan 15 to mid-April 2013 the entire Black Team came to the island of Tenerife to train together as a whole team. The team was training together off the water, racing together on the water, tuning their equipment together, working with the designers on new developments, motivating and helping each other, having fun and most importantly, taking real advantage of being a Team working towards a common goal…better results, better equipment and creating a true team spirit!
In this short video you can see how the Team enjoyed this time in El Medano, the place good for slalom, wave and freestyle! You can see Andrea Cucchi, Adam Lewis, Nicolas Akagazciyan, Martin Ten Hoeve, Maciek Rutkowski, Alberto Menegatti, Pascal Toselli, Greta Benvenuti and others!

Camera & edit: Bartek Jankowski – BJ Productions (bj-productions.com)
Music: Sigur Ros – Hoppipolla, Cash Cash – Overtime.