2013 PWA Tenerife – Live!

The pest Wavesailors in the World meet meet for the second time for the 2013 PWA Tenerife World Cup. The contest takes place August 3rd to 9th. Get all your updates, info and the live stream right here!

News and Videos

2013 Event Complete!

Juniors – Moritz Mauch wins as the juniors take center stage in Tenerife.

Day 5
Day 5 Highlight Video – High flying action as the double elimination wraps up and Philip Koster and Daida Moreno are Crowned.
The Winners – Philip Koster and Daida Moren win the 2013 Tenerife World Cup.

Day 4
Day 4 Highlight Video – Awesome action and rider interviews including Ricardo Campello
Day 4 – only 5 men and 5 women are left standing in the double elimination

Day 3
Day 3 Highlight Video – Sick action continues as 40 knots winds and great waves pumped through Tenerife on Day 3.
Day 3 – Philip Koster and Daida Ruano Moreno come out on top after the single elimination

Day 2
Day 2 Highlight Video – A bit of a waiting game in the morning, then some sick single elimination action!
Day 2 – The single eliminations are nearing completion.

Day 1
Day 1 Highlights Video – Missed the live stream or just addicted like us? Check out the highlight clip from day 1.
Memorial for Andre Paskowski – Before competition began everyone took time to pay respects.
Day 1 – The event sees great conditions with the completion of the men’s trials, men’s single elimination, and the start of the women’s single elimination.
Event Preview – The who what, where and why of the 2013 PWA Tenerife World Cup.

Tenerife Teaser – An teaser video of past events.

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