2014 Gaastra Wave and Freestyle Range

The 2014 Gaastra wave and freestyle range is now here, with 5 new sails. The Manic, Poision and Iq make up the 3 wave sails for all around, power, and new school wave respectively. The Pure for dedicated freestyle and the Cross, a crossover sail complete the lineup.

Manic – All Around Wave
The 2014 Manic has been completely redesigned. The all- new Manic is more powerful and stable, with a constant and smooth power output which keeps it very light in the hands. We have greatly increased the drive.
Available in sizes: 3.3 – 5.7

Poision – Power Wave
The new Poison has been completely redesigned with a fuller profile and a new luff curve. The 2014 Poison is more powerful but with the NEW Dacron luff panel, we improved neutrality and smoothness which makes it a superior wave sail in all conditions.
Available in sizes: 4.0 – 6.2

IQ – New School Wave (4 Batten)
The new IQ has a new luff curve while the profile and 4 batten concept remains the same. The shape has been updated for greater comfort. Although the IQ has been modified slightly, compared to the other 2014 wave sails, you can feel a great improvement on the water.
Sizes: 3.3 – 5.4

Pure – Freestyle
The PURE is now a reference for any freestyle sail. It built its reputation through the years with great and continuous results from our dream team.
Regularly on the podium at each event and with 2-3 riders in the top 5.
Sizes: 4.0 – 5.7

Cross – Crossover
The Cross has been redesigned from scratch. With a new luff curve and more shape we realized more power in the low end and we made it lighter and more user friendly.
With one less batten in the sizes below the 6,4, the Cross is the perfect multipurpose sail, it combines the maneuverability of a wave sail with the stability and speed of a freeride sail. Its skeleton is combined with normal and tube battens giving an incredible amount of control in the gusts and at higher speed making it the perfect bump & jump sail with tons of speed and turn ability.
Sizes: 4.8 – 4.9

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