Naish rider Julien Taboulet takes a family trip to Maui in this full length clip.

Punta San Carlos 2013

A very cool clip from SoloSports Adventure Holidays at Punta San Carlos, Baja by Johan Piculell. Great action, cool time lapses, check it out to get a feel for what Punta San Carlos has to offer.

North Shore Sardinia

Heleen Muijsers competed in first PWA event just this year in Fuertevntura. Check out her latest laid back clip as she shares her journey on the North Shore of Sardinia.

Surfing in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.
A pure windsurfing lifestyle movie with love of the ocean and nature.
While traveling and discovering planet earth’s special treasures I’m happy to share my passion. The last seven months I’ve been surfing, windsurfing and climbing on Sardinia, La Madalena, Caprera and the South of Corsica.
Enjoy my latest clip ‘North Shore Sardinia’.

Arthur Arutkin – Waterboy

A cool clip of Fanatic rider Author Arutkin.


Three Russian windsurfers, Alex Zlobinskiy, Seva Shulgin and Olya Raskin visit Chile and Mauritius.

Meet Tasada You – Starboard Brand Manager and designer

Meet Starboard Windsurfing’s Brand Manager Tiesda You, in this series of Starboard’s Tiki Documentary. Starboard has even called him, the “Golden Child”. Tiesda has been designing boards since 2000, including the famous Carve, the first Kodes and now the Atom IQ!


A new edit coming from RRD Team rider Fabrice Beaux. This time Fabrice bring us a taste of real windsurfing Hawai’i, with the usual display of radical waveriding action and the Aloha lifestyle. This is certainly something to dream about especially in face of the incoming winter time…

Enjoy the laid back action!

Tourists of The Sea – Episode One

Check out episode 1 from ‘Tourists of the Sea’ series by Maui Nerd Productions featuring Graham Ezzy and Kevin Pritchard in Baja and California.

Its always a risk leaving the warm waters of Maui. For our trip to Arroyo Laguna we had been wanting to do something on the west coast for quite some time. We watched and waited, and pulled the trigger 2 days before leaving, saw a good forecast and left home to set out on our tourist adventure.

I had never traveled with Graham before. We had talked about it, but we just could never nail down some dates that worked for us both. So our adventures were fresh, the hopes were high and we set out to sail the seas of the California coast. For me it was fun to go back, Arroyo was one of our favorite spots as a family growing up. I knew it was going to be fun.

We showed up at the beach like total windsurf pro tourists. Boards stacked on the roof, sails, masts, everything piling out of the car. The locals shook their heads as we got out, immediately started getting our boards off and shit flying everywhere. Just like a typical tourist.

Sailing with Graham is always fun. He is inspires me to try something new with his no fear, go for it style. Pushing his limits as well as mine.

For the trip our idea was that he would film some and I would film some as well, taking turns sailing and filming. The only thing we learned is that he was a much better filmer than I am. He has the patience to get the shot. I don’t. I hate sitting on the beach, I hate watching and watching. Maybe it is something new in my mind, maybe it is something new with my filming, maybe it is something new in my sailing, but whatever it is, it sure brings me to realize that windsurfing is my favorite sport in the world. I

Arroyo is not an untouched land, it just needs to be remembered. The side off shore winds and rippable waves make it what I think is the most high performance wave spots on the California Coast. For some reason, our road trips always take us to California. Being a tourist in familiar land helps us where we know the sea. Being tourists of the Sea …

We love this video, amazing action from two extremely talented riders, in some of the best wavesailing conditions!
Camera: Kevin Pritchard // Brian Caserio // Graham Ezzy
Graphics & Editing: Johannes Neumann
Supported by: Ezzy Sails // Dakine

The Contest – Kurosh Kiani

Kurosh Kiani is back with another great episode of Kiani TV where he takes a look at the World Cup competition scene.

In August, I spent a couple of weeks in Turkey preparing and then competing in the PWA world cup in the town of Alacati. In this months episode “The Contest” I try to portray the stuff that happens during a contest, all compressed into a combination of action and talks with two good friends and among the best windsurfers in the world: Ross Williams and Arnon Dagan.

We reflect on everything from arrival to departure and the things that go in between worth talking about. Mixed with some action from the hours spent training and the actual competition moments, I hope that this will give everyone who clicks by to watch an insight of what you go through in an action packed world cup week. Arrival, setting up, racing, crashing, heat of the moment and so on.. Check out the rest yourself.

Way Of Life ft. Dario Troiani

Italian freestyler Dario Troiani bring us into his way of life and his lifestyle on Sardinia, summed up by him as, ““Do what you like and live what you love”. check out some lifestyle, freestyle action and we can assume some sexy Italian babes. Enjoy, and if you want you can always visit Dario at Sporting Club Sardinia in Portopollo.

Rider: Dario Troiani I-179
Filmed and edited by Giulio Rosso Chioso
Aquatic GoPro shots by Mauro Menichino

This is a Story about a Beach Man

Brain ‘De Action Man’ Talma, also know as the ‘Irie Man’, is definitely a vivid personality in windsurfing. Check out this amazing documentary on the Action Man, from growing up in Barbados to devoting his life to the Beach lifestyle focusing around windsurfing.

The documentary and Brian himself are a great inspiration to follow your dreams, and work hard!

Preparation with Kurosh Kiani

Profesional PWA slalom sailor Kurosh Kiani bring us his latest update with this clip of his preparations to compete on the PWA slalom tour. Here are some words from the man himself:

This July episode looks into my journey to team up with a friend, Arnon Dagan to prepare for a competition. All the things that you need to be good at as a windsurfer is more than you would think. In the words of Arnon Dagan: “The mechanic, the travel agent and the marketing guy”. Through this episode I have given all of these things a thought while having the best of times with Arnon sailing and training.

I traveled from Denmark down to Israel where I spent a while in the waters of Bat Galim, Haifa, and then went onwards to Alacati, Turkey where I had some amazing days of sailing and preparing.

In these minutes of this episode, I have tried to go through just a small amount of things you need to have in place when competing as a world tour sailor.

All the while not forgetting the fun aspect of making sure you are having a good time no matter what work you do. I have also for the first time documented the “worm” which only comes out on special occasion.

Also in this episode, you will see Formula Windsurfing world champion Casper Bouman sailing with us in these beautiful spots.

All in all, another amazing month which I hope will be visible in this months episode.

Kurosh Kiani – Homeless

Pro slalom windsurfer Kursh Kiani  brings us his latest episode titled “Homeless” shares what he has been up to since PWA Korea, and his nomadic lifestyle.

The summer is really upon is in Europe, and this month of crazyness I was able to catch with my little cam going around like a madman from place to place. In this months episode of my TV series, I have focused on the fact, that I, for the moment live a life without any base staying on the road constantly.
Over these few minutes, I have tried to share my experiences and thoughts along the way going through London, Weymouth, Copenhagen, Marseille and Costa Brava.

In this episode, I have only had the personal touch in mind. I have gathered whichever clip I had from going around and put it together along with my thoughts, and tried to set the vibe of how it is being me at the moment. – Kurosh Kiani

Tahiti Winter with Albeau and Quentel

Antoine Albeau and Julien Quentel in Tahiti during the winter of 2012, experiencing everything this Island paradise has to offer. Windsurf, Sup, Surf and hanging with Tahitians’ friends, enjoy the clip from Eric Bellande.

Graham Ezzy- Writing and The Sea

Kevin Pritchards latest production featuring Graham Ezzy.

No matter where I am, there are 2 constants. Writing and the sea. I feel uncomfortable inland and away from the coast. Or when I’m not writing.

A month before I turned 18, I left Maui and pro windsurfing for 4 years and never really came back. While I studied Literature at Princeton, my heart anchored in New York.

Before, when I left Maui, often for months at a time to compete on the world tour, I had the feeling that I was away and would return home to Hawaii. I’m not sure where home is now.
I’m homeless.

Since graduating from Princeton in 2011, I’m based on Maui, but I’m also back to Manhattan constantly. So many of my classmates have wound up in the city that I run into friends walking down the street or in random cafes getting a morning coffee. That happens on Maui too. But you expect it on an island in the middle of the ocean.

I write and i windsurf because i feel a need to. Sometimes both are miserable. But i still need to do them. Like breathing. Sometimes your nose is stuffed and you’re sick and you wish you just didn’t have to breath so that you could sleep but you have to breath. That’s what writing and windsurfing are for me.
I guess writing and the sea have become a sort of home for me. I’ve spent over 1 year– over 8765 hours– of my life at sea. Virgins to the sea can’t read the wind in the whitecaps. I suppose it’s like that more and more. So the sailor’s who’ve circumnavigated the globe see things in the sea that are invisible even to me.

The sea is an ever changing chaos. Riding waves, especially massive waves, is a meditation on reacting unconsciously. If you think, you’re too slow and will get beat down. Writing, surprisingly is the same. The blank page stares back at the pen. Challenging it. Think about it too much: writers block.
The wave and the page offer infinite possibility and potential.
These two massive chaotic sources of unknowns have become a sort of home where I can be myself, whoever that is.
I don’t know if writing and windsurfing have any grand meaning or add an value to the world. But they are my home for now, the only home I’ve got. It’s what I do.