Kurosh Kiani – Homeless

Pro slalom windsurfer Kursh Kiani  brings us his latest episode titled “Homeless” shares what he has been up to since PWA Korea, and his nomadic lifestyle.

The summer is really upon is in Europe, and this month of crazyness I was able to catch with my little cam going around like a madman from place to place. In this months episode of my TV series, I have focused on the fact, that I, for the moment live a life without any base staying on the road constantly.
Over these few minutes, I have tried to share my experiences and thoughts along the way going through London, Weymouth, Copenhagen, Marseille and Costa Brava.

In this episode, I have only had the personal touch in mind. I have gathered whichever clip I had from going around and put it together along with my thoughts, and tried to set the vibe of how it is being me at the moment. – Kurosh Kiani

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