Discharge featuring Sean O’Brien

Austrlian wavesailor Sean O’brien brings us a freeride clip off the coast from Down-under.

That feeling you get. The release, the redemption. Pack your bags for the next trip. Passports, wallet, chargers, boards. On a famous, yet relatively unknown island, full of wild creatures and surrounded by blissful reef; Sean O’Brien spent a winter month, exploring, riding, exploring some more. We filmed everything we did that month and this is our produce. In this original short by WeAreNeverLeaving, Sean takes us on a trip from Cairns to Green Island and some unexplored parts of Vlasoff Cay on the Arlington Reef. A tropical Australian paradise, which blooms in winter rather than summer; an escape from the cold when it’s needed most. Put your feet up and stereo loud.

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