Jibing Tips – The Boom Slide

Matt Pritchard of Pritchard Windsurfing brings us this great jibin tip for your windsurfing! Kevin says the boom slides is, “one of the most key elements to making your jibes consistently and in control.”

Kevins Top Secret Tips

  • Get your hand to the bast before you flip the sail
  • Stop grabbing the mast and stalling out, move those hands!
  • Stay LOW reach UNDER your arm to the new boom
  • THROW the mast forward STEP hard onto your new front foot
  • Keep your head looking where you want to Go!
  • and STAY LOW…..
  • The further you keep the rig away from you the easier it is to stay low and in control!

brought to us fromĀ pritchardwindsurfing.com, by Kevin Pritcahrd

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