Kevin Pritchard vs Jason Polakow & Marcilio Browne

No doubt Kevin Pritchard has almost as much much talent for video shooting as he does on a wave. In this short clip you can see the lines he takes on similar waves to Jason Polakow and Marcilio Browne, pretty cool!

I have been really wanting to get better at windsurfing. When your level is high, to me it seems like it is harder and harder to get better. Every millimeter, every little tiny, grip of the toes, where you put your hands, where you are looking matters.
I saw some of the overlay comparisons watching Resi at the Olympics. While it is nothing new, I thought that would be pretty cool to try and look at what is going on and what is happening where. On a wave it is very different because each wave is so different. The location of where and when you are bottom turning is totally different.
I figured I would share the overlay as some of you guys might find it interesting maybe?
To me, it looks like I have most of the fundamentals down. It is just about putting more energy and speed into the turn. Brawzino gets to his second turn quicker than I do with speed and power. Jason had a bit of a squirt of speed right on the bottom turn to get up the wave.

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