Nti Gravity – Philip Köster in Australia

Check out the latest clip produced by Aussie Sean O’brien featuring none other then wavesailing World Champion Philip Koster as he explorers Western Australia.

Margaret river is cliffs, rocks, sharks and anticipation. Esperance is sand, glory, un-crowds and sunshine. Factor in swell and wind and a German teenager and you have Nti Gravity, our new short with Philip Köster. When you combine his spontaneous style, his aggression on the turns and his sheer joy of sailing, there is still no one else on the planet we would rather watch. 8 hour drives followed by 8 hour sessions; it was hard to get him off the water. On land he can be quiet, on the board he can be brazen. In this WeAreNeverLeaving short we take Köster on a roadtrip along the Western Australian coast looking for sun, swell and trouble. We found two of those things.

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