OneDayIn Ft. Fabian Weber

Fabian Weber and a crew of German friends in South Africa for some Wavesailing.

Since a few years a small group of friends around Fabi Weber travels down to South Africa to have fun on and off the water…
The weather was generally a bit different than the last few years. The evenings were usually quite fresh – so we have had to wear a sweater and sometimes a light jacket over it. Only the last two days we sat topless at night on the terrace. The South-Easter was only tow times really good that we could rig 4.2 and smaller. I think I was riding 80% on 4.6qm. The wind was mostly very offshore, even in spots which are normaly sideshore. Whitsands extremely gusty. We were one time at the Cape .. But three times in Elandsbai … Global warming? Maybe, maybe not! It was just different … Since we all had our SUPs with us, we were not sad and got some good swells. I think we all got our money. Oh, and the extremely low price RAND has made the trip quite cheap!

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