Ross Williams at Niton

When I read my first Windsurf magazine there was a shot of Ross mid back loop on an old blue board and yellow Gaastra sail beautifully shot from the water by John Carter. There was this stunning steep backdrop and I remember not being able to work out in my head how you could be jumping so close to a cliff and that England even had places like this. It was basically where my obsession with windsurfing all started. That picture was cut out and stayed on my bedroom wall for years.

A couple of days ago I went over as a foot passenger on the hover craft from my home town Portsmouth with one board bag, a tripod and my camera stuff to score a day at Niton. I filmed for 2 hours with one battery then went for a sail. The conditions aren’t exactly classic Niton and was a bit onshore, but nevertheless I like the clip and is one that’s a bit special to me.

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