Skyeboy’s year 2012

British wavesailor John “Skyeboy” Skye just released this awesome 3 minute clip with action filmed on Maui/Hawaii, Ireland, Morocco, Gran Canaria.

I have been a bit slack with the videos over the last year. I never quite seemed to get enough footage from each trip to put something together, but suddenly I realised my hard drive was nearly full of random clips from all over the world and from loads of different people. So whilst away in Klitmoller and Sylt this year I started to put it all together and make something from it all. As its taken me so long to get it done, I thought I would spread it out over a few weeks. So starting today (Mon 22/10/12) we have Chapter 1 – “Intro” and then each week I will add another chapter. – John Skye

Enjoy this awesome video, and check back for a new one each week!

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