Ricardo Campello – Doubel Air taka Attempt

Ricardo Campello is without a doubt one of the riders pushing the limits of wavesailing. Check out as he attempts a double air taka. He’s set his goal to land one before he leaves Maui, do you think he’ll make it? If he does we believe he’ll be the first rider to complete this move!

Ricardo Campello Double Air taka Attempt

Check out Ricardo Campello’s double air taka attempt during the Aloha Classic in Ho’okipa.

Moves – Air Take by Moritz Mauch

A super nice air taka in sine-on conditions from Moritz Mauch, shot in Pozo.

Air Taka Wipe Out

Morgan Noireaux is a master of the air taka, watch a great example here, but this one, it’s huge, but doesn’t go as planned

Moves – Air Taka by Kauli Seadi

Kauli Seadi with a nice air taka from Maui.

Moves – Air Taka by Ricardo Campello

A nice Air Taka by Ricardo Campello at Ho’okipa.

Air Taka – Victor Fernadez

Vicotr Fernadez shows us a nice Air Taka in Hookipa!