The Best of Punta San Carlos

The Xensr team brings you the best of Punta San Carlos, Baja Mexico along with Solo Sports Adventure. From Windsurfing, Mt. Biking, Surfing, SUP, Motocross, Fishing and more, San Carlos has a lot to offer!

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Tension Ft. Morgan Noireaux

Morgan Noireaux tearing up Maui and Baja.

Tourists of The Sea – Episode Two – Punta San Carlos

Surgical Strike featuring Kevin Pritchard and Graham Ezzy

The latest episode of Tourists of the Sea featuring Kevin Pritchard and Graham Ezzy is here! This time they hit up Punta San Carlos for a perfect setup!

I had just booked my ticket to go to Park City to visit my girlfriend when I happened to check the forecast for Tahiti and saw an 18 second interval pop into the forecast window. With the south swells you can get a pretty good idea at least a week in advance, so I saw this massive swell coming. I talked with “Mr. Baja” Brian Caserio and said looks like there is another swell hitting, you want to go. We both grimaced at the thought of organizing, preparing and rearranging our schedules. The desire to get one of the big south swells, made us excited and craving to man up for the adventure. I called up Graham Ezzy and he started looking into it as well.

We kept tossing the idea around over the Santa Cruz AWT event, going back and forth, if we can do it, what is our time frame, how is the swell going to hit and so on. I had just won the single elimination and was pretty happy with that so I was like lets do it. It was a mission. My ticket to Park City was non refundable. So I might as well go see my girlfriend for one day. Hoped on the plane, said hi on Tuesday, then back on the plane on Wednesday, Brian picked me up at LAX, drove to San Diego, slept and hit the road at 5am. Some lack of sleep, some anxiety, and some hints of south swell along the drive, made the drive seem to fly by. Graham had to hook up with another way down as we were full in Brian’s Tundra. We didn’t see them on the road or when we arrived so, they had to be behind us. We arrived to Punta San Carlos to mast high waves and 4.2 wind. It was blasting. One problem, I didn’t bring my 4.2. Shoot. Well lucky for me, the guys at SoloSports carry the new Ezzy Elite sails, and bam I was out on the water. Fully overpowered, mast high, insane conditions. This is just what the doctor ordered. Wave after wave, it was insane.

Growing up in Southern California, Baja is where my brother and I learned to windsurf in the waves. It is the best spot in the world in my opinion to learn to wave sail. This was it, this is what we had dreamed of all our lives, wind, waves, and the biggest south swell of the summer hitting Baja. I had waited 20 years, I know that dates me, but I really had waited 20 years to get this place like with the waves like we had. It sounds cliche but it was a dream come true. I mean for the last 15 years of my professional career, to be able to take time to jet down for a swell when you are competing on the PWA world tour, is pretty tough to pull off. The worlds aligned, it came together and for the next three days, we had all we could handle. Wave after wave, set after set, it was just awesome. I am still glowing from the trip and can’t wait for the next surgical strike.
~ Kevin Pritchard

A Maui Nerd Production
Camera: Kevin Pritchard // Brian Caserio // Graham Ezzy
Graphics & Editing: Johannes Neumann
Supported by: Ezzy Sails // Dakine // “You just don’t know, until you go!”

Watch Epsiode One Here

Solosports 2013- Year Of Excitement in Punta San Carlos

SoloSports in Punta San Carlos had an action packed 2013 including an the epic AWT Dessert Showdown plus all the usual windsurfing, Sup, surfing and mountain biking.

2013 was a great year down in Punta San Carlos. The talented riders and guest that came and enjoyed Solosports through out the year all left with smiles at the end of their stay. There was fun to be had every week between Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Mountain Biking, SUPing and Surfing in one of the most desolated and beautiful spots along the Pacific Coast of Baja. There was non stop action from all the different coaching clinics through the year. the AWT contest, Holidays and everything between. Just can’t wait to see what next year holds for us!!

Tourists of The Sea – Episode One

Check out episode 1 from ‘Tourists of the Sea’ series by Maui Nerd Productions featuring Graham Ezzy and Kevin Pritchard in Baja and California.

Its always a risk leaving the warm waters of Maui. For our trip to Arroyo Laguna we had been wanting to do something on the west coast for quite some time. We watched and waited, and pulled the trigger 2 days before leaving, saw a good forecast and left home to set out on our tourist adventure.

I had never traveled with Graham before. We had talked about it, but we just could never nail down some dates that worked for us both. So our adventures were fresh, the hopes were high and we set out to sail the seas of the California coast. For me it was fun to go back, Arroyo was one of our favorite spots as a family growing up. I knew it was going to be fun.

We showed up at the beach like total windsurf pro tourists. Boards stacked on the roof, sails, masts, everything piling out of the car. The locals shook their heads as we got out, immediately started getting our boards off and shit flying everywhere. Just like a typical tourist.

Sailing with Graham is always fun. He is inspires me to try something new with his no fear, go for it style. Pushing his limits as well as mine.

For the trip our idea was that he would film some and I would film some as well, taking turns sailing and filming. The only thing we learned is that he was a much better filmer than I am. He has the patience to get the shot. I don’t. I hate sitting on the beach, I hate watching and watching. Maybe it is something new in my mind, maybe it is something new with my filming, maybe it is something new in my sailing, but whatever it is, it sure brings me to realize that windsurfing is my favorite sport in the world. I

Arroyo is not an untouched land, it just needs to be remembered. The side off shore winds and rippable waves make it what I think is the most high performance wave spots on the California Coast. For some reason, our road trips always take us to California. Being a tourist in familiar land helps us where we know the sea. Being tourists of the Sea …

We love this video, amazing action from two extremely talented riders, in some of the best wavesailing conditions!
Camera: Kevin Pritchard // Brian Caserio // Graham Ezzy
Graphics & Editing: Johannes Neumann
Supported by: Ezzy Sails // Dakine

Gyros in Baja

Another sweet video coming out of the 2013 AWT Quatro Desert Showdown! This time featuring two Sailworks riders, Fiona Wylde (2nd place Pro Women) and Tom Soltysiak (2nd place Amatuer Men). Both tearing up the waves on the Sailworks Gyro.

Insane Finals at the AWT Quatro Desert Showdown – Day 4

The 2013 AWT Quatro Desert Showdown in Punta San Carlos will go down as the most epic Pro/Am wave events in history!

Day 4 at the 2013 AWT Quatro Desert Showdown saw more wind and waves with competitors garbing there 4.5’s down to 3.5s. Conditions were epic, riders were stoked, plus long heats and the fair “second chance” bracket system had everyone smiling. Check out the wrap up of the final day of action below!
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AWT Quatro Desert Showdown – Day 2 It’s On!

At 1:30 Head Judge Keith Teboul made the call to start the Amateur Division with 16 minute heats! With the new competition bracket system in place first round winners would automatically advance to the third round, while second and third place finishers would have to battle it out in round 2 to stay alive.
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The AWT arrives in Baja

Everyone has arrived at Punta San Carlos for the 2013 AWT Quatro Desert Showdown and and an awesome event is expected.  With a good outlook for swell the event has likely already started.

Day 1 showed promise with some decent sets rolling through but with the forecast only looking better head judge Keith Teboul decided to give everyone a day for warming up to the conditions… and everyone took advantage.

The competition brackets have been drawn up using a brand new “second chance” bracket system, giving competitors a chance to lose in their first heat and still come back in a “second chance” round and make it back into the competition. This format really allows for competitors to take more risks early in the competition, as they can still win their way back into the mix if their risky big moves don’t work out. This is what the AWT is all about…pushing the limits of wavesailing! Here is the Pro bracket (with the same format being used for Women, Amateur, Masters and Youth):
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Baja with Sarah Delaunay

Australia water babe Sarah Delaunay headed to Baja in May for some windsurfing and long SUP rides. When she got back she produced this video with her own song track, enjoy!

Nick Warmuth – Baja Quick Clip

Nick Warmuth took a quick trip to Baja, and hit up Punta San Carlos, here’s a quick clip of him catching a sick wave.

Coming Home ft. Kevin Pritchard

The story is about Kevin “coming home” to his roots after having accomplished his goal of winning a world title.

Watch as Kevin Pritchard travels along the West Coast of North America from Baja up to Vancouver Island (although he scored no session on the Island).  Everything started with the trips to the American Windsurfing Tour events and Kevin and Johannes from Maui Nerd Productions never had the intention to make a clip about these trips, but in the end and looking through the clips, they saw some beauty and decided to share the footage with us. “Some would call it a video or a movie: We say it’s more a slideshow of good memories, unique moments with unique friends, funny stupid things, stunning nature and some great sailing!” (MNP)

Enjoy, it’s one of our favorite movies lately!

Get Stoked for the 2013 Lord of the Wind Showdown

The 2013 Lord of the Wind Showdown will be hosted by Rotary Cabo Este, at Los Barriles, Mexico, from the 11th-13th January 2013.

The Lord of the Wind Showdown pits windsurfers against kiters in course races, downwind slaloms, freestyle windsurfing contest, big air competition and the Lord of the Wind Downwinder.  The warm waters of Baja, along with the consistent winds, makes this event a must for the windsurfing or kiteboarding competitor.

The registration for the contest closes on the 9th January 2013.

After racing, on the 12th January, come down to the beach and party with a great Mexican pig roast followed by the legendary bikini contest and bands rocking into the night.  On the 14th and 15th January, demo days will have 10 major manufacturers showcasing their latest equipment and offering riders the opportunity to test ride their newest, greatest equipment.

Check out the 2012 Lord of the Wind Video above to get stoked for the event!

Baja 2012 Quatro Showdown

The Quatro team including Bernd Roediger, Levi Siver, and Brawzinho bring us this awesome video from the AWT event in Baja.

Travel: Matt Pritchard & Solosports-Punta San Carlos

Matt Pritchard and Kevin McGillivray have been coming to Punta San Carlos & Solosports Adventure Holidays for years now. This is what they love about the place and the windsurfing. It is time for you to experience what has been driving them there for so many years.

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