2014 Proffitts Training Diaries – Maui – Part 2

Mr. Proffitt’s second and last training diary for this season from Maui.

Who wants to see… Crashes, injuries, Doubles, Eagle wings, Naked men, a proper table top, Porno Tack, How to come ashore with out getting your feet wet, more injuries.. broken masts, Robby Naish’s Backside, new move from Ezzy, win tickets to the indoor windsurfing in Poland or a windsurfing sail!! Plus how to ruin your new board straight from the shaping room and how to total a set new carbon fins!
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2014 Proffitt’s Training Diaries – Maui – Part 1

The Training Diaries are back, this time Ben Proffitt is on Maui.

Just a little update on whats going on in Maui.. i hope to get more on the water action in the next one. but it should give you a little idea of whats been going on 🙂 ..Onshore and rain basically! haha

Moves – No handed Backie into Submarine Duck

Ben Proffitt brings us a no handed backie into duck jibe.

Tenerife Training Diaries – Part 2

Ben Proffitt brings us the first episode of training diaries from Tenerife.

Well we’ve been here a week now and the conditions haven’t exactly been classic by any means but we have had some action. So in these diaries we have an injury update with Lewis and Sniady, Musso and Traversa get it on. plus we take a look at some of the wild cards.

The 2013 PWA Tenerife World Cup begins tomorrow and the forecast looks awesome, so stay tuned from the live stream with Ben Proffitt.

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2013 Proffitt’s Training Diaries – Pozo – Part 5

Ben Proffitt bring us the 5th episode of his 2013 training diaries from Pozo.

Massive stunts as usually but you will have to wait until 6 mins 50 secs for that! Sorry but we haven’t had much wind.. so i’ve included a few bits of no wind action. Including Lady Offringa’s British accent, fishing and how to make a windsurfing toy!! Plus when the action starts Koster puts on a show, Little Antoine goes down fighting, Sniady’s gets on it, little and large and the kids show us how it’s done. Plus action from Victor and Alessio.

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Proffitt’s Training Diaries – Pozo 2013 – part 4

The latest episode of ‘Proffitt’s Training Diaries are here!

So what can you see in part 4?? Well you can see Ricardo Campello try to better Kosters overtaking move from last week by trying to loop over someone!! , Kosters Planing double, some killer wipe outs, nose first landings, Bunker cam and not forgetting how to stretch Polish style!! Don’t miss it! – Ben Proffitt

It looks like a good battle is shaping up between Ricardo Campello and Philip Koster, these guys are pushing it!

2013 Proffitt’s Training Diaries – Pozo – part 3

Check out the latest episode of Ben Proffit’s Training Diaries from Pozo.  Here’s been disription:

Part 3 is now ready and sorry it’s a long one… so you might want to get yourself a drink (tea or grab a beer if it’s past 5 o’clock)
In this episode we have Koster’s new over taking move, Antoine Martins first pushforward (sort of) Moritz Mauch’s air taka, Josep Pons sick Pushforward. As well as action from Campello, Browne, Skye.. errrr and me:) plus some awesome catapults and bail outs… what you waiting for check it out!

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2013 Proffitt’s Training Diaries – Pozo – part 2

The second episode of Proffitt’s Traing Diaries from Ben Proffitt in Pozo.

So what can you expect from part 2…. One hell of a big crash.. thats what!! It’s probably worth watching for that alone!
Also we have push forwards, Koster actually falling off, double takas… plus some lovely old floaty jumps!!
You also get to find out if i managed to get a sponsor for the diaries!! – Ben

2013 Proffitt’s Training Diaries – Pozo – part 1

Ben Proffitt’s Pozo Training Diaries are back for 2013!  Here’s what Ben had to say;

it’s still early days before the comp so not too many riders are here yet but we still have plenty of action for you.
Planning doubles from Koster, Blood from Adam Lewis, mystery crash from Alex Mussolini, Victor floaty jumps… and some nugget huggers of course!!

Early days yet and the forecast is looking windy so stay tuned for some full power crashing in the coming weeks!

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Oh my god its windy! ft Ben Proffitt in Western Oz

Playboy Babes or Readers Wives? This time Ben Proffitt will let you have both! We’ve been spoiled witht he ‘Playboy’ dream look at the Western Oz scene this winter courtesy of Windsurf Australia, check it out if you haven’t seen it! But now Ben Proffitt brings his version, ‘Reader Wives’ look at it. A little rough around the edges but all the bit are in the right places close enough!

Editor Note: A good portion of this was paraphrased from Ben Proffitt Vimeo post, and don’t necessarily reflect the views of Windsurf Press. We actually think the video is full of crazy action!

Windsurf Australia – The Movie

Follow a group of windsurfers as they travel around Western Australia looking for the best wind and waves at all the best locations during the summer of 2012/2013, featuring Peter Volwater, Ben Proffitt, Justyna Sniady, Laure Treboux, Chris Lockwood, Ben Newson, Al McCleod and more. Filmed from September 2012 to March 2013, this film is what a typical Australian summer is like.

This video is epic, with stunning heli shots, you’ve got to watch it!

Moves – Tweaked Push Loop

Ben Proffitt throws a nice fully planning tweaked push loop in knee deep water. The clip was shot by Colin from ‘Windsurf Australia’ up at Corronation Beach.

Proffitt’s Training Diaries – Australia – Part 2

Check out the lattest from Ben Proffitt downunder, as he talks about his recent shoulder injury, and arm transplant.

Well.. it’s not exactly gone according to plan – as I’m sat here now with a separated shoulder! :/ But don’t worry – I’ve already been in to surgery and the results will blow your mind! It’s crazy what they can do these days!… On the action front Justyna Sniady is banging out the backloops! – Ben Proffitt

Ben Proffitt’s Corros Crash

Ben Proffitt had a pretty bad crash while trying to pull off a tweaked pushloop at Coronation Beach, Geraldton Western Australia Yesterday, February 18th. Ben Proffitt is the UK Wave Champion, top PWA windsurfer and in recent year teh announcer for PWA’s live stream. The crash resulted in a pretty serious should separation check out the x-ray below.

Best of luck to Ben, and we hope he has a quick recovery!

Proffitt’s Training Diaries Australia

Ben Proffitt brings us his latest up dates this time from Western Australia. It’snot pretty but there’s action, including Doubles, push forwards, blood, car crashes and broken bones… well it sounds exciting!!

Ben Proffitt is a professional windsurfer from Great Britain and Commentator for the PWA.