Here’s How You Shatter a World Record in Style | Endless Ride, Ep. 6

The big day for breaking the record for the longest wave ever ridden on a windsurf board has finally arrived. In Chicama Peru, the longest wave in the world, The swell is big, the winds are right, and everyone is in place: cameras, boats, and official witnesses. Now it’s up to the brothers, Camille and Tom Juban to find the wave that might give either of them the world record. See what goes into this crazy attempt and witness the wave that makes windsurfing history. Here’s How You Shatter a World Record in Style | Endless Ride, Ep. 6


Camile on Tom Juban on an epic mission to set a record for the longest wave ever ridden.

Welcome to Chicama, home to arguably the longest waves in the World. This barelling, sand-bottomed left point break was discovered by an American surfer in 1963 and since then, has been a world-class travel destination for surfers around the world. Camille and Tom Juban are professional windsurfers who have set their sites on the mythical spot to try to break the Guinness World Record for Longest wave ever ridden. Meet the Jubans and the wave of destiny in this episode and stay tuned for one crazy challenge. This Guy Wants to Windsurf the Longest Wave Ever | Endless Ride, Ep. 1

Wipe Outs – Camille Juban huge backloop crash

There’s something about wipe outs, they’re fun to watch. This one comes From Maui Sails as Camille Juban launches into a huge backloop but bails out.

Camille Juban wins Pacasmayo Classic

Camille Juban wins the American Windsurfing Tour Pacasmayo Classic 2013 PRO division. Congratulations!

More details to come!

Moves – 360 Off the Lip by Camille Juban

Camille Juban shows us a sick example of a 360 off the lip.