Dieter Van der Eyken – Fuerteventura 2014

Check out some amazing freestyle from Belgin Rider Dieter Vander Eyken.

Crashes by Dieter

Wipe outs are a part of windsurfing, and after all the movies we see there’s a lot of footage that doesn’t make the cut. Dieter Van der Eyken put together this crash compilation with clips he cut from movies over the last year.

“If crashing wouldn’t be part of windsurfing it would be a lot less fun for sure! You just have to get up and try it again! Hope you like it!”


Moves – Burner 540 by Dieter Van der Eyken

From Brazil Dieter Van der Eyken brings us a nice Burner 540.

Dieter Van Der Eyken in Bonaire

PWA pro freestyler with some awesome action from Bonaire, check it out!

Dieter van der Eyken & Rick Jendrusch in Brazil

Brouwersdam locals Dieter van der Eyken and Rick Jendrusch went to Brazil to train for the upcoming season. Check out the action from Soa miguel do Gostoso.

Dieter Van der Eyken – Brazil 2012

Dieter Van der Eyken, who finished 2nd in the 2012 EFPT, has spent 7 intense weeks training in Gostoso, Brazil. During the final two weeks of his trip his parents came to visit him, and of course he had them film his riding. Here’s the edit form those two weeks enjoy!

Moves- Air Kabikuchi by Dieter van der Eyken

Just amazing! Dieter van der Eyken thorws a an Air Kabikuchi.

Dieter van der Eyken – Video

Freestyle action featuring the Belgian freestyle windsurfer Dieter van der Eyken.  The spots you see in the clips are Brouwersdam and Oostvoorne, in Holand.