Skyeboy’s year 2012

British wavesailor John “Skyeboy” Skye just released this awesome 3 minute clip with action filmed on Maui/Hawaii, Ireland, Morocco, Gran Canaria.

I have been a bit slack with the videos over the last year. I never quite seemed to get enough footage from each trip to put something together, but suddenly I realised my hard drive was nearly full of random clips from all over the world and from loads of different people. So whilst away in Klitmoller and Sylt this year I started to put it all together and make something from it all. As its taken me so long to get it done, I thought I would spread it out over a few weeks. So starting today (Mon 22/10/12) we have Chapter 1 – “Intro” and then each week I will add another chapter. – John Skye

Enjoy this awesome video, and check back for a new one each week!

Pozo Summer Time

Summer sesions with Pablo Ruiz, Pablo Ramírez, Noelia Diaz and Josep Pons, in Pozo and Bahia de Formas. Enjoy the sweet action as these guys make it look easy!

Gran Canaria Wind & Waves Festival 2012 Teaser

The first PWA wave event is coming closer. The Gran Canaria Wind & Waves Festival will take place in Pozo from July 2nd to 7th. for more information check out

PWA Pozo Confirmed

The PWA have finally confirmed that Pozo will be happening. That’s pretty last minute. but it sounds like they will be making up for it in terms of the event. There will be live streaming through out, and tons of social media coverage! And we of course will bring you up to the date coverage fop the entire event! Check out the the event facebook fanpage at

The biggest news of all however, is that the event will now be run by the Moreno twins. The Moreno twin’s are two of the best female windsurfers, and they intend to bring a fresh new look to the PWA tour stop.   They have already re-named it the PWA Pozo Wind & Waves Festival.  A strong prediction is the emphasis on growing the event to a scale that is similar to PWA Podersdorf or PWA Sylt.

Proffitts Pozo training Diaries – part 3

Some more action from Pozo all filmed from the spy cam Proffitts bedroom!! News includes another doublefest by Marcilo Browne, whingury, new moves and the latest arrivals. Ben promises to bring us a technique section soon!